Aging is Not The End of Sex

No Less Satisfaction with Age

The conventional wisdom is that for both men and women, sexuality is like men’s hair. With age, it recedes and eventually disappears. The conventional wisdom contains a germ of truth. Aging brings sexual changes, frequently including some loss of libido, emphasis on the word “some.” The fact is, for many (most?) people, sexual desire remains a fundamental part of who they are, and the changes that age brings are smaller than most people believe. For some people, older sex represents an improvement over younger sex—bringing more appreciation for sensuality, more emotional intimacy, more sexual satisfaction.

Aging is Not The End of Sex

In this article:

Frequency Declines—But Less Than Most People Think
Many People Continue to Enjoy Partner Sex at 60, 70, Even 80
No Less Satisfaction with Age
How Women’s and Men’s Sex Problems Change Over the Lifespan
A Key Clue to Sexual Vigor after 60

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