Desire In Women - Does It Lead to Sex? Or Result from It?

The Grave Emotional Cost of Desire Differences

At any age, when couples first fall in love, they often can’t keep their hands off each other. The hot-and-heavy period in relationships varies, but typically lasts six months to a year, two at most. After that, sexual urgency subsides for one partner or both, and so does sexual frequency. When both people are in synch on this, the issue does not become a sore point. But typically, couples disagree about sexual frequency, which may cause a great deal of rancor. Today, desire differences are one of the leading reasons why couples consult sex therapists. But sex therapists have developed a program that resolves most desire differences.

Desire Differences – How Sex Therapists Recommend Overcoming Them

In this article:

Why Time Cools Sexual Urgency
The Grave Emotional Cost of Desire Differences
Who Controls the Sex?
The Solution Sex Therapists Recommend

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