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Hysterectomy & Sex

The conventional wisdom is that hysterectomy does not affect sexuality, and that if it has any effect, the operation improves sex. Most hysterectomies are performed to remove fibroids, benign growths in the uterus. The theory is that once women are freed from the bleeding and abdominal discomfort caused by fibroids, they can revel in increased sexual desire, enjoyment, and satisfaction. But some women complain that after hysterectomy, they experience a variety of sex problems: decreased desire, problems with arousal and orgasm, and a decrease in sexual satisfaction. What’s going on?

Does Hysterectomy Affect Women’s Sexuality?

In this article:

Most Studies: No Sexual Impact
But On Closer Examination…
The Latest Research: Sex Problems Happen
Post-Hysterectomy Any Sexual Outcome Is Possible

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