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Erection Myths

Here are the most erection myths (most false)—and the truth about erection issues.

Erection Myths — And The Truth About Erections

In this article:

Erection is something men “achieve.”
Sex is a performance.
Men are sex machines, always ready, always hard.
During sex, you get only one chance at erection. If it wilts, sex is over, and you’re a failure.
I blew it last time. I’ll never get it up again.
When I can’t get hard, she says it doesn’t matter. She’s lying.
If a man can’t raise an erection, the woman can’t be sexually satisfied.
If a man can’t get an erection, he can’t come.
If I can’t get hard, she’ll leave me.
Intercourse requires a rigid erection.
Lovemaking is impossible without an erection.
With age, all men develop ED.

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