Getting in Shape for Great Sex

Regular Moderate Exercise

Mention great sex, and you probably don’t visualize a long walk, eating a salad, meditating, or getting an extra hour of sleep. But the fact is, boring, old, not-particularly-sexy health advice significantly boosts libido, and enhances sexual functioning and pleasure. Of course, a reasonably happy relationship is a prerequisite for deeply satisfying sex. But beyond spousal contentment, each lover’s physical condition plays an important role in erotic interest and fulfillment. Want hot sex, especially after 40? Then commit to some familiar recommendations.

Getting in Shape for Great Sex

In this article:

Engage in Regular Moderate Exercise
Eat a Plant-Based Diet
Get Serious About Weight Control
Embrace a Stress Management Regimen
Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Quit Smoking
If You Drink Alcohol...

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