Kegel Exercises: More Pleasurable Orgasms

Kegals Work For Both Men & Women

In 1948, urologist Arnold Kegel, M.D., (Kay-gell) was treating women with stress incontinence, urine leakage triggered by coughing, sneezing, or laughing. He reasoned that his patients had weak urinary sphincter muscles, which could not stay closed under the abdominal pressure of these actions. The urinary muscles are part of the pelvic floor muscles that run between the legs. Kegel theorized that strengthening them might cure stress incontinence. Kegel’s exercises worked. They also had a curious side benefit—more intense, more pleasurable orgasms. Kegels work for both women and men.

Kegel Exercises: More Pleasurable Orgasms

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Identify Your PC Muscle
Slow Kegels, Quick Kegels
Practice Kegel Exercises Any Time, Anywhere

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