New Sexual Moves: “You Want To Try What?!”

Try Some New Moves

Your sex life isn’t exactly boring, but it’s not fireworks either, not like it was in the early days of your relationship. Perhaps you’re in a sexual rut. But even if you’re not, maybe your groove feels like it’s headed in that direction. Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about trying some variations to keep things fresh and exciting—perhaps some lingerie, or a sex toy, or something a little kinky. But you’re not sure how your honey will react to your ideas.

New Sexual Moves: “You Want To Try What?!”

In this article:

It’s Difficult to Request Any Change, Sexual or Not
Try Some New Things Out of Bed
Take Turns Arranging “Surprise Dates.”
Make Strategic Use of Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day
Why Hotels Often Spur Erotic Novelty
Lubricants Can Be Gateways to Sexual Novelty
Be Patient
Half a Loaf Is Better Than None.

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