Older Sex Can Be the Best of Your Life

Older Lovers Have Challenges That Can Be Overcome

The myth is that after 50, sex is like older men’s hair—it recedes then disappears. There’s a germ of truth to this. After 50, libido declines. Older women develop vaginal dryness and/or atrophy. And older men suffer weak erections or erectile dysfunction (ED). These changes can render intercourse difficult or impossible, even with lubricants and erection medication.

But if you let go of the idea that sex equals intercourse and expand your erotic horizons to encompass pleasure that includes the genitals but involves the whole body, older sex just might be the best sex of your life.

Older Sex Can Be the Best of Your Life

In this article:

Older lovers are more erotically in synch
Older men don’t need erections to enjoy sexual pleasure
Women are more likely to get the sex they want
Older men don’t need erections to have marvelous orgasms
Concerns about pregnancy and contraception disappear
The kids are gone—finally!

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