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Make Peace with Your Penis

Most men think their penises are too small, and many think that it takes a big one to sexually satisfy women. Wrong on both counts. Your size is fine, and contrary to what you see in pornography, penises have rather little to do with women’s sexual satisfaction.

Penis Size: How to Make The Most of What You’ve Got And How Best to Please Women

In this article:

The Vast Majority: Average
Why Most Men Think They’re Too Small
Penis Size: For the Record
Racial Differences?
Eight Safe, Natural Ways to Make the Most of What You’ve Got
Do Older Men's Penises Shrink?
DON’T Buy Pills, Devices, and Exercises—They’re Frauds
Two Sex Toys May Produce Temporary Enlargement
Don’t Have Surgery
The Downside of a Big One:
Most Guys Who Are Huge Wish They Were Smaller
Most Women Don’t Care
How Best to Please Women—No Matter What Your Size
Positions to Play With
Make Peace with Your Penis

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