Some Aphrodisiacs Stimulate More Than Just The Imagination

Aphrodisiacs… Yes or No?

What do ginseng, chocolate, oysters, coffee, alcohol, powdered rhinoceros tusk, a ground up Mediterranean beetle, and the bark of a certain West African tree have in common? They are just a few of the many items people have used through the ages to set off sexual fireworks. For almost as long, scientists have dismissed all these traditional aphrodisiacs as sexually worthless—and sometimes dangerous. But old beliefs die-hard when they promise to add extra zing to lovemaking. In addition, if we define “aphrodisiac” broadly to include anything that adds extra excitement to lovemaking, then the possibilities become as boundless as the erotic imagination.

Some Aphrodisiacs Stimulate More Than Just The Imagination (But Probably Not The Ones You Expect)

In this article:

How Aphrodisiacs of Yore Gained Their Sexy Reputations
How Viagra Has Focused New Attention on Traditional Aphrodisiacs
10 Herbal Aphrodisiacs That Have At Least Some Research Support
3 Foods That Might Have Some Aphrodisiac Action
3 Commercial Products That Use Some of These and Have Some Research Support as Libido-Boosters
2 Surprise Aphrodisiacs
The Setting Is Crucial: Appeal to All Five Senses
Aroused by Greater Intimacy: The Game “An Enchanted Evening”
Beware of These 6 Sex Killers
Will Testosterone Light Your Sexual Fire?

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