The Mystery of Kissing

De-Mystifying Kissing

Kissing is a frequently overlooked element of sexuality. Also known as smooching, necking, snogging, making out, lip locking, bussing (archaic), and osculation, kissing is rarely mentioned in sexology resources.

One reason is that kissing often occurs in nonsexual contexts with non-erotic meanings, among them: kissing another’s cheek (or air kissing) to signal greeting or farewell, kissing children’s minor injuries to heal them, kissing the Pope’s ring or kings’ hands or garments to signal reverence and fealty, kissing dice for good luck, and kissing that signals betrayal, condemnation, or contempt as in Judas’ kiss, the Mafia’s kiss of death, or the phrase “kiss my ass.”

The Mystery of Kissing

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From Sanskrit texts to studies showing that kissing is erotically more important to women than to men

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