The Real Kama Sutra: More Than an Ancient Sex Manual

Sex and the City circa 300 A.D

Mention the Kama Sutra, and everyone knows it’s ancient India’s racy sex manual. But given the Kama Sutra’s notoriety, few Americans have ever read it—not even the “good parts,” the sexual positions that made the book famous, but which, in reality, account for only about one-quarter of its content.

The real Kama Sutra holds much different—and more contemporary—views. Happily, some 1700 years after it was written, the English-speaking world can now read what the real Kama Sutra truly is, much more than a manual of sexual positions, but rather a guidebook for cultivating an eroticized life. It’s Sex and the City circa 300 A.D., only the focus is on men instead of Sarah Jessica Parker and her girlfriends (though some of the text is clearly intended for fourth-century Indian women).

The Real Kama Sutra: More Than an Ancient Sex Manual

In this article:

Treatise on Sexual Pleasure
Life as a Play in Seven Erotic Acts
An Ancient Mirror

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