We Have Great Chemistry: Amazing Secrets of The Brain in Love

What Does Having Great Chemistry Mean?

You meet. You click. Suddenly, you’re head-over-heels in love. Our word “love” is derived from the ancient Sanskrit lubh, meaning desire, as in lust. But your love is much deeper. You’re also obsessed. You can’t think of anyone—or anything—else. When your eyes meet, your heart skips a beat. As for the sex—oh, the sex…

But, unfortunately, not for long. A year later you wonder: What happened to that incredible intensity? You still love each other. Truly, you do. You could happily spend the rest of your lives together. But the special magic you once felt has somehow disappeared. The fireworks are over. The Fourth of July has morphed into Thanksgiving.

Why do people fall madly in love? Why doesn’t lusty passion last? Why we love as we do—and how to keep the flame of romance burning bright and hot. What does having great chemistry mean?

We Have Great Chemistry: Amazing Secrets of The Brain in Love

In this article:

Animal Magnetism
“Have You Just Fallen Madly In Love?”
From Mad Love to Long-Term Attachment
Did We Evolve to Cheat and Divorce?
Making Long-Term Love Last

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