When He Massages Her, Both Enjoy Erotic Enhancement

It’s A Win-Win When Men Massage Women

Want to enjoy hotter, more fulfilling lovemaking? Here’s a novel idea: Have the man give the woman an extended whole-body massage. Try letting go of reciprocity. She need not massage him in return. Why? Because when men massage women both get turned on. Most men become highly aroused visually. When he massages her, he gets to view every square inch of her naked beauty. Most women become highly arouse by touch. When he massages her, she gets the whole-body sensual touch that’s crucial to most women’s arousal. Need to learn more about massage? Two excellent videos can help.

When He Massages Her, Both Enjoy Erotic Enhancement

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Why Should He Provide the Massage?
Most Men Become Most Aroused Visually
Most Women Become Most Aroused By Sensual Touch
Two Excellent Videos

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