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Sexy couple in romantic pose

Stress causes many sex problems. Mindfulness relieves them by reducing stress. Great sex and meditation have a good deal in common. Both involve taking breaks from daily routines and responsibilities. Both include deep diaphragmatic breathing….

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black couple in bed

[read part 1 here] Sex therapists recommend scheduling sex in advance Recently, researchers at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, found that desire differences are long-term couples’ top source of chronic sexual distress. Part 1 of…

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Sex Therapy

Diane, 46, and Alan, 51, had been married 16 years andhad two sons when they first consulted sex therapist Louanne Weston, Ph.D., of Fair Oaks, California. They loved each other, and insisted they had a…

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Close-up of a young couple kissing each other

Conventionally, a heterosexual virgin is a person who has not had penis-vagina intercourse (PVI). Our cultural focus on losing virginity implies an either-or situation—virgin or not. Actually, sexual initiation usually involves a gradual escalation of…

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I have enjoyed masturbating while self administering enemas (2+ quarts). Am I the only one? If not, how often is this technique used, and how many men admit to using this for sexual pleasure? I…

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Young Couple in Bed

“Did you come?” This question looms over a good deal of lovemaking, especially among lovers under 30. Fortunately, gentlemen, it’s usually not difficult to recognize women’s orgasms. And it’s fairly easy to help most women…