When I have sex doggie style, I make a sound like flatulence. Seems like it’s air coming from my vagina, not my bottom. What can I do to stop it?

I was widowed last year. I’m not ready to date, but I miss sex and need suggestions about good toys for a woman in my situation. I’ve never used a vibrator. My friends tell me I should get one. But I’m a little nervous about them. And which one? And are there any other toys I should try?

I’m 38. My husband is 42. Sex, when we have it, is great. But he is overly sexed. If I were willing, he would mount me 24/7. Meanwhile, I’m under-sexed. I don’t have much sex drive, nothing like his. I’m rarely in the mood, which makes me guilty and drives him crazy. Is there anything I can take to heighten my libido? HELP PLEASE.

I read your article on premature ejaculation, and I gotta hand it to you, Mike, it worked. I’ve come fast for 20 years, and after only 3 months of your program, I’m cured! I can last as long as I want. Amazing! My question is WHY? Why does your program work?

I’m a 41-year-old man in a long-distance relationship with a 42-year-old woman. We only see each other every other weekend, and when we do, we have lots of sex. By the end of the weekend, I often feel sore and have a burning sensation between my anus and scrotum. It goes away in a day or two. Does this mean we’re having too much sex? Is this a medical problem?

Do you have any suggestions for vibrator use in an elderly couple—I’m late 60’s, he’s early 70’s?

I am 55 years old and my penis seems to become an inny most of the time. When I’m aroused, it is its normal size but at other times it goes up into me. Is this normal? Is it my age?

We are having a problem with sex. My wife and I are both 60 and she has gone through the change of life. Sex hurts her and is start to hurt me too. Is there a good lube that we can use.


Heard you on Playboy channel today. I would like to purchase a couple of your articles. Do they come on my email? Does anything get mailed to my home address? How does it show up on my credit card?


My wife hates porn and won’t watch it with me. R-rated movies get her in the mood sort of but she wishes someone would make some sex videos that aren’t XXX-rated. Are there any alternatives to porn?