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Unhappy indian man

I’m 39. I know penis size is not supposed to matter. But it matters to me, especially now that I’m divorced, and dating again, and hoping to impress women. Can I make it bigger? Can…


Hi! My penis size was 6 inch and now a year later, it comes to 4.5 inches!!! My penis erection is poor. My age is 41 years. Any treatment for that?

Man Touching Pregnant Woman´s Stomach

I have a question about fertility. I have seen all sorts of discussions about penis size. One said big penises are more fertile and useful because they displace sperm competition, and are closer to the…

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man under sheets giving oral sex to woman

Oral sex is ubiquitous in pornography—especially fellatio. Porn actors—both men and women—can’t get enough of giving head, and receiving it. As a result, pornography has introduced many people to oral sex, shown them the basics…

Young Woman Lying on Bed

I was wondering if you had any articles related to penis size and female satisfaction. I have read that a large penile girth can put more pressure on the clitoral body and even rub against…

Boy Leaning Against Wall In Urban Setting

Recently I’ve been feeling that I have a small penis. I didn’t think of this until I started watching some porn movies and noticed that the actors all have huge penises. FYI: I’m a virgin….

Young teen male

I hope you don’t mind a 24 year old asking a question. It’s about my penis. It’s too small. On the Internet I’ve see ads for dozens of enlargement products, but they’re all pretty expensive….

unhappy young black man

My penis measures 10 cm (about 4 inches) in erection. Is this normal? Will my size cause sexual problems with my wife? In addition, I have a small layer of fat on the pubis. I…

Close up of creative man working at night office

Is there any way I can increase my penis size without pills or surgery?

shirtless young man

Very interesting site. Very useful information. But I’m insecure about my penis size. Can a woman who had a well endowed boyfriend, then go and marry a guy that is not well endowed? I’m on…