Hi! My penis size was 6 inch and now a year later, it comes to 4.5 inches!!! My penis erection is poor. My age is 41 years. Any treatment for that?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Whether flaccid (soft) or erect (hard), penis size depends on the amount of blood inside it. The more blood, the larger and harder the penis. One thing that reduces the amount of blood in the penis is anxiety, for example, worrying about your size. Anxiety constricts the blood vessels that carry blood into the penis. When these vessels constrict, less blood flows in and the penis becomes smaller. I urge you to read the article The Rare Truth About Penis Size. It contains a wealth of information about making the most of what you’ve got—safely and without any of the fraudulent enlargement products advertised all over the Internet.

    About your erection situation: You’re 41. After 40, erections start to change. Sexual fantasies by themselves lose their power to raise erections and men need direct fondling to have them and maintain them. When erections rise after 40, they are often not as firm as they were in men’s twenties and thirties. I urge you to read the following articles: (1) Erection Myths and the Truth About Erections, (2) Weak Erections? Or Erectile Dysfunction? And (3) Healthy Lifestyle Preserves Sexual Function in Men Over 45.

    Beyond the suggestions in the articles, you might also ask your doctor for erection medication. It might help, too.

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