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Premature ejaculation (PE) is men’s inability to control their ejaculatory timing. Men with PE ejaculate (come, cum) before they would like to. Some doctors say men have PE if they come within two minutes of having their erections fondled or inserted into erotic openings. However, the “stopwatch” approach misses the point. Many men last more than two minutes but want to last longer than they do. Men have PE if they ejaculate before they want to.

Though there are many claims on the internet for a cure, the best, proven cure is from sex therapists. The approach begins with masturbation using a dry hand. Men self-sex until they approach their point of no return when ejaculation feels inevitable. Then they stop stroking and breathe deeply, which empowers them to back away from ejaculation without coming. When they no longer feel they’re about to ejaculate, they resume masturbation. Men repeat this stop-start exercise until they can last as long as they’d like with a dry hand.

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