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How common is it for men to orgasm from vibrator stimulation alone—with no up and down stroking?

My wife enjoys her magic wand (I bought us a second one so as not to burn out the first!) and I tried it with the male attachments a few months ago but it didn’t really do much for me.

Then a couple weeks ago she brought me to orgasm while holding the vibrator on my shaft and stimulating the head of my penis with her mouth. It was a surprise to both of us.

I’ve been writing up her sexual history and it’s been so arousing for me that yesterday I masturbated twice to help settle myself–and both times were with the vibrator. Once with an attachment and the second time just holding the vibrating head against the end of my penis. Not trying to orgasm, just enjoying the stimulation.

The feeling of orgasm that way is much different from almost every other one I’ve had. No discernible plateau, just a feeling that is better and better, and then an unexpected ejaculation. That feeling seems much more like descriptions of female orgasms—more diffuse, less focused on the big build up and release.

I’ve gone through your 452-page e-book and I’m not seeing any reference to males having orgasms while using a vibrator the same way a woman uses one– Any thoughts?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re living proof that men can have orgasms using just vibrators. The research is scant, but a few studies show that many gay men enjoy vibrator play, and that among spinal-cord-injured men, vibrator use definitely helps them have orgasms. This makes perfect sense. The female clitoris and vulva are biologically analogous to the male penis and penile shaft. If women can enjoy orgasms by pressing vibrators against their clits and vulvas, men should be able to come by pressing vibes against their penis heads and shafts. And they clearly can as the studies I mentioned and your experience demonstrate. Have fun!

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