Is there a way to increase the number of “contractions” you feel during orgasm?

Also, I was under the impression that the feeling of semen passing through the urethra with each contraction was what caused the pleasure of orgasm (the bigger the “load” the more pleasure). But I read elsewhere on this forum that men who produce little or even no seminal fluid during orgasm still feel pleasure – is this true? Is it the contraction alone that causes pleasure?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’ll answer your second question first. Orgasms feel pleasurable because of the wave-like pelvic muscle contractions they trigger. This holds true for both men and women. Semen passing through the urethra has nothing to do with it. Men who have had their prostates removed produce no semen yet can still enjoy very pleasurable orgasms. As men age past around 60, most notice that they produce less semen, yet they can still have very pleasurable orgasms. It’s about the muscle contractions, not the semen.

    Stronger pelvic muscle contractions produce stronger, more intensely pleasurable orgasms. It’s easy to tone the pelvic muscles so they contract more forcefully during orgasm. Just practice Kegel exercises. To learn more about Kegels, read my article on the subject.

    Which brings me to your first question about increasing the number of contractions during orgasm. I searched the medical literature and find no information on this, so I’m left with my own experience and educated guessing. Both sexual responsiveness and orgasm depend on deep erotic relaxation. Elements that spur this include: being in love with one’s lover, feeling deeply connected to and aroused by one’s lover while having sex, extended-duration lovemaking (more foreplay), and an erotic context: privacy, music, candle light, clean sheets, a little wine (but not too much), and any enhancements you enjoy (vibrators, etc.). I can’t prove that focusing more on the elements of deep erotic relaxation can add to your number of pelvic contractions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. And even if more deeply erotic sex doesn’t bump up your number of contractions, it should make sex more pleasurable.

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