I was married for 22 years, then widowed. My late wife never complained about the taste of my semen, but the new woman in my life does. I really like to come in a woman’s mouth, and my girlfriend’s complaints are causing tension between us. Why is she complaining when my wife never did? And is there anything I can do to improve the taste of my semen?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I know of no research on this subject. However, many women say that a man’s diet and lifestyle can change the taste of his semen. Things that foul the taste of semen include: meats, asparagus, cigarettes, and alcohol, while fruits, especially pineapple and melons, make it taste sweeter–or so I’m told. If diet and lifestyle changes don’t help or if a man is unwilling to make them, the woman can suck on a Lifesaver or other hard candy while sucking the man. See my inexpensive article “How to Improve the Taste of Semen.”

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