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I was having sex with my boyfriend and it lasted quite some time. Roughly 45 minutes playing around with different positions. So for quite a long time we have been using the pull out method, yes we know the risks and so far so good. Anyways this time when he pulled out and came the ejaculate was clear like water as opposed to the usual thicker white color. I want to know if that means he already came inside me (he said he did not) or if this is a normal occurrence due to the perhaps prolonged sexual experience. I would also like to know if this could be a medical problem, he does sometimes have trouble keeping an erection, could they be related? Also I would like to add that we have not had sex for a week and he had not been masturbating. The clear semen is not due to a lack of rest in between. Thanks.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Your guess is correct. His semen was clear and watery, not thick and creamy because of your prolonged lovemaking. Let me explain:

    The vast majority of the liquid portion of semen is prostatic fluid. Assuming that a man is reasonably well hydrated, his semen’s consistency depends on the amount of prostatic fluid in the mix. As time spent in a state of sexual arousal increases, secretion of prostatic fluid increases. So basically, as time spent in loveplay increases, semen typically becomes thinner and more watery. This is normal.

    Now you also mention that your boyfriend sometimes has trouble maintaining erections. That has nothing to do with the consistency of his semen. Without knowing a whole lot more about who you guys are and how you make love, it’s impossible for me to say why he might have difficulty maintaining erections. In older men, medical conditions are usually involved. But in young, healthy men, the culprit is often anxiety. Physiologically, anxiety constricts the blood vessels, including the ones that carry blood into the penis, and when blood flow into the little guy is impaired, erections become iffy. Your boyfriend might be worried that you may lose interest in being sexual with him, or that someone’s parents or roommates might suddenly walk in. He might feel insecure about his skills as a lover. OR MAYBE HE’S ANXIOUS ABOUT USING THE WITHDRAWAL METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL AND GETTING YOU PREGNANT. That fear can wilt even the firmest erection.

    I suggest that the two of you explore what might be making him anxious. Resolving his anxieties should help him stay firm. As part of this process, the two of you might benefit from reading a few articles in the Info Library, among them: Caressing Women: Advanced Erotic Tips for Men, No One “Gives” Anyone an Orgasm, Whole-Body Massage, Forget “Foreplay” and Cultivate Loveplay, and The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

    I’m not going to lecture you on the potential hazards of the withdrawal method of birth control. You seem well informed. But you might not understand that your contraceptive choice may play a role in his erection situation. There are many more reliable contraceptives to choose from. I’m confident one of them can fit conveniently into your love life.

  • roxanne says:

    Thanks Michael for the informative response. I appreciate your thoughts about his occasional erection problem. Honestly I don’t think that is the case as he seems to know his body well, and condoms seem to make the problem worse. He has been using that method for quite sometime and I have and still sometimes use a VCF. He thinks it may be because he recently quit smoking. And no there are no other people in the house lol.

    I’m thinking about getting an IUD but I don’t feel I have enough knowledge on the subject yet. I find the idea a bit frightening.

    Thanks again for the information. Much appreciated.

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