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I’ve read about ED etc. I can get aroused, I’m just wondering if there’s a reason for a drastic decrease in semen volume? I’m a 60 year old man with a normal sex life, except for this situation. Am I’m being oversensitive about the norm at this age?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Semen volume decreases with age. Several studies have explored this and they all show a drop in volume on the order of 20 to 40 percent from age 45 to 65 or so. The reasons are not entirely clear, but most of the fluid in semen comes from the prostate gland, and age-related changes (benign prostate enlargement) may play a role. Semen production is also dependent to some extent on testosterone, and levels of the hormone decline with age.

    Many men get concerned about their volume when they watch porn and see men ejaculating buckets. The men doing this are young, so they have greater volume to begin with. In addition, in a good deal of porn, the men spray on women’s faces, which can create the illusion of more fluid. And speaking of illusions, let’s not forget that deft editing can also make it look like the men ejaculate more than they really do.

    If you’d like to increase your volume, DO NOT buy any of the pills or potions available on the Internet that claim to boost volume. Those products are frauds.

    But you might notice a difference if you do two things: Drink more fluid, and extend lovemaking and penis stroking. Semen is around 98 percent water. If you’re well hydrated, it stands to reason that you’ll produce more. Go with water, tea, and fruit juice, and not coffee and alcohol, both of which are mildly dehydrating. In addition, compared with quickie sex, extended sex allows the prostate gland more time to produce more seminal fluid. Vigorous penis stroking and sucking should also help. I can’t cite studies showing how well these approaches work because as far as I can tell, no such studies have ever been performed. Try them and please let me know what happens for you.

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