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I am 55 years old and my penis seems to become an inny most of the time. When I’m aroused, it is its normal size but at other times it goes up into me. Is this normal? Is it my age?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re not alone. I’ve heard many older men voice complaints like yours, that their penises seem to become smaller as they age and seem to retract into the lower abdomen. Here’s what I think is going on:

    Penis size depends on blood flow into the organ. Whether it’s flaccid or erect, the amount of blood in the penis determines its size. Blood flow into the penis, in turn, depends on the penile arteries, how open or narrow they are. You’re probably familiar with the fact that narrowed arteries in the heart cause heart disease. The coronary arteries narrow because fatty, cholesterol-rich deposits (plaques) form inside them. The same thing can happen in the penis (and all around the body). If plaques form in the penile arteries, less blood flows into the penis and it appears somewhat smaller.

    Plaque formation is related to diet and exercise. A big risk factor for arterial plaques is the typical American burger-fries-and-shake diet, a diet rich in meats, cheese, and other fatty foods, and deficient in fruits and vegetables. For optimal arterial openness and maximum blood flow into the penis, leading nutrition authorities recommend eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but the average American eats only two or three. Health authorities also recommend eating meats and cheese only a few times a week, if that, while most Americans eat meats and cheese at least once a day, often several times a day. Unless you’re a vegan (and only about 1 percent of Americans are), it’s virtually inevitable that you have some arterial narrowing, maybe not enough to cause symptoms of heart disease (high cholesterol, high blood pressure), but quite possibly enough to impact penile blood flow and make your penis a bit smaller.

    In addition, as men age, they tend to gain weight, and many men show this extra weight as abdominal fat (pot belly, beer gut). An expanded lower abdomen encroaches on the base of the penis, making the organ appear smaller because less of it sticks out from the abdominal fat pad.

    Smoking is also hell on the arteries, which is why smokers are at high risk of heart disease. Men who smoke are also at substantial risk of erection problems and shrunken penises.

    Finally, if you feel anxious about a shrinking penis, that causes stress/anxiety, which narrows the arteries even more and further reduces blood flow into the penis.

    What to do? If you smoke, quit. As soon as you do, arterial damage begins to heal. If you weigh more than you did 20 years ago, lose weight. As extra abdominal padding disappears, your penis will look larger. How can you lose weight? Exercise more. Try a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day and over several months work up to a daily hour-long walk. Regularity is key. Exercise every day. Also eat more low-calorie, low-fat fruits and vegetables and less high-fat meats and cheese. Instead of an Egg McMuffin for breakfast, try cereal topped with fruit. Instead of a cheeseburger for lunch, eat a salad or hearty bean-vegetable soup. And try to stop worrying about your size.

    I also suggest you read the article, The Truth About Penis Size.

  • Bill says:

    It’s called gravity! Like the little laugh lines in our face when we were in our 20’s is now the jowl that wiggles when we laugh. Same-same the muscles around our groins. And, some us at our 50’s and 60’s begin building a shed over our ‘tools’! And no doubt the ladys can attest to this process with their breasts. I saw a cartoon where a man was marking a measurement on the door frame like parent do for their kids height, but he was measuring how far her boobs had dropped over the years. So yes, it’s no doubt age. Life is a gift, don’t sweat the small stuff….no pun intended!

  • Causes of Small Flaccid Penis says:

    I agree with the stress and high cholesterol / plaque in arteries causing the penis to shrink.

    I am 6’0” tall. Mid 30s and have had a small penis my entire life but was never an issue when having sex…however, the part that sucks is that if a woman sees you flaccid and it’s not impressive they don’t stick around to see the results when erect.

    At any rate, I can also add that drinking: Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee – cause shrinkage.

    I have noticed that there is very little research about the penis….tons for breast cancer….and the universe of the vagina…but very little on the penis.

    Where I am going with this is that it would not surprised if years of drinking caffeinated drinks have a destructive; irreparable damage to the penis. I have tried using the extenders, etc. They are good for adding girth….but they do hurt when you use it every night. Then when you quit them the penis seems to want to be tight all the time..which means it shrinks even more.

    Also, I believe that many guys out there have a some kind of dysfunctionality or abnormality with the suspensory ligament in the penis that causes the ligament to constantly ‘pull’ which would cause the penis to feel “tight”. That’s on top of it being small…it just feels “tight”.

    Again…I have years of caffeine binging and used to be a smoker but quit. I changed my diet and exercise and I can say that it didn’t help…but I did notice that when I quit caffeine from my diet for more then 3 days straight, my penis did not feel as tight.


    What also has helped me is to put vitamin E onto my penis and don’t wash it off…that seems to allow the ligament to relax instead of trying to pull inwards towards the inner groin.

  • Causes of Small Flaccid Penis says:

    Accidentally hit the submit button…before I had edited my first blog. Not to present a contradiction – when I changed my diet, from eating red meats and a lot of cheese, etc. I did not see results. I did see results when altering what I was drinking.

  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’ve never seen any research suggesting that soft drinks and caffeine cause penis shrinkage. What is your source for this assertion? Thank you.

  • EyenAbasi says:

    I will turn 20 in March. My penis is very small, less than 6cm when it’s not erect. I am 83kg. I am getting afraid. Please help me in the best way you can.

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