Worried young man alone

What can I do to grow my penis bigger?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Sorry, dude, the penis is not like a muscle that gets larger with exercise, so you can’t “grow” it. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that there are many ways to make the most of what you’ve got. To learn about all of them, read the article The Rare Truth About Penis Size.

    But briefly, your concern is shared by most men. We all think our penises are too small. Why? In my opinion, largely because of pornography. The only penises heterosexual men get to see up close are the ones in porn–and they’re all much larger than average. Of course, men in porn are not cast for acting talent, just for having unusually large penises. So by comparison, everyone else is smaller, and it’s natural to think: I’m too small. But chances are overwhelming that you’re average. The vast vast majority of men are. So try to relax about your size.

    And here’s another reason to relax about your size. Worrying about your size makes your penis smaller, and relaxing about it makes your penis larger. Strange as this may sound, it’s true. Whether flaccid or erect, penis size depends on blood flow into the organ. When you’re worried/anxious/stressed, the arteries in your core, your central body which includes the penis, become constricted. Arterial constriction means that less blood is available to the penis, and it shrinks. But when you relax, the arteries that carry blood into the penis open up and more blood flows into the organ, and it becomes larger.

    Then there’s the effect of heat and cold. In a cold, drafty locker room, the penis looks small, but after a hot shower it looks larger. The reason is that the warmth of a hot shower is relaxing, so your arteries open up, and more blood flows into the penis.

    Many men want larger penises because they believe that a big one provides more pleasure for women. Some women (in my experience, a very small percentage) want a huge one. But according to the surveys I’ve read, the vast majority of women are less concerned about the size of the man’s penis, than the kindness in his heart. That fact is, penis size has rather little to do with a woman’s sexual pleasure. Some women like to feel stretched and filled, but for most women, it’s the clitoris that provides erotic pleasure, and it’s located outside the vagina and above it under the top junction of the vaginal lips. The in-out of intercourse doesn’t provide much clitoral stimulation, which is why only 25% of women are consistently orgasmic from vaginal intercourse. The vast majority need gentle clitoral massage with a finger, hand, tongue, or sex toy. As sex educator Betty Dodson says, “I’d rather have a man with a talented tongue than a huge penis.”

  • ron halona says:

    I’ve tried Extenza, It doesn’t seem to help to keep a hard-on long enough, to finish what I
    started, I just masterbate instead! Besides I think my pensis is small, is their something that
    I can use or take to increase my size, if possible?!!

    I think, it’s all in the mind.

    THANKS !!!

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