Unhappy indian man

I’m 39. I know penis size is not supposed to matter. But it matters to me, especially now that I’m divorced, and dating again, and hoping to impress women. Can I make it bigger? Can you tell me how to enlarge my penis?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Stick with what you know. Any size penis can give great pleasure to the man it’s attached to. While men’s size matters to a small proportion of women, for the vast majority, it’s not an issue.

    Many men believe mistakenly that women’s sexual pleasure depends on deep penetration with a long penis, and stretching the vagina with a thick one. Rarely. While many women love the special intimacy of vaginal intercourse, a great deal of research shows that only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse no matter how long it lasts or the size of the man’s penis. For a substantial majority of women, sexual pleasure and orgasm have much more to do with direct clitoral caresses courtesy of the man’s fingers, lips, and tongue.

    No pills, potions, or special exercises can permanently enlarge the penis. Please don’t fall for all the enlargement products advertised on the Internet. They are all cynical frauds. On the other hand, there are safe, simple, effective ways to make the most of what the good Lord gave you—for free. To find out more, read my article on Penis Size.

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