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My partner’s penis is one of the rare mythic giants….9 inches long and 7.5 inches in circumference. I’ve been with thick large guys before, or so I thought until my current partner came along. He…

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couple hot and heavy in bed

No. Cock rings may help maintain an erection, but they don’t help men with ejaculatory control. The arteries that carry blood into the penis and fuel erection run through the center of the organ. Compressing…

Man sulking with girlfriend on phone behind

Hello, I need some advice. I’m having a problem with accepting that I have a small penis which causes me to ejaculate fast and I don’t even enjoy sex like I use to. My partner…

Confused man with papers at home

Does a thicker penis mean that a female would have greater sexual satisfaction? I know that too thick can hurt, but a good amount of girth – would that make them orgasm quicker or harder?…

Unhappy indian man

My penis measures 6 inches, but I feel it’s too small. How can I make it bigger?

Man with erectile dysfunction during sex

A story you’ve heard before. One of her exes was bigger, and she recalls the sex was better. Somehow current man finds out. She wants him to put it out of his mind; she loves…

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We have tried 3 lubricants at the same time and my thinning vaginal wall feels like it is splitting all over inside me and is very painful. 1) Is there anything I can take, eat,…

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Sir, my sex organ length is good but it’s slim. How can I increase my girth?

Young man with heartburn

I am masturbating since 14 years old and now I m 31. I also have an erection problem. And  my penis small. What should I do?