Young man with heartburn

I am masturbating since 14 years old and now I m 31. I also have an erection problem. And  my penis small. What should I do?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Masturbation is perfectly natural and normal. It has nothing to do with penis size, and unless you’re masturbating several times a day, it’s highly unlikely that it has anything to do with your erection difficulty. To learn more about masturbation, read the article on solo sex.

    The vast majority of men believe their penises are “too small.” A key reason is that most men are smaller than the men in porn, who are specifically selected for their size. So when men view porn, all the penises they see are extra large, and they conclude they’re too small. You’re not. Your penis is fine. And it’s a rare woman who cares about a man’s penis size. On the other hand, if you want your penis to be as large as it can safely be, read the article on penis size.

    Finally, about your erection problem. You didn’t say anything about it, so I can’t really advise you. If you want advice about your specific situation, then please re-post with more details. When did the problem start? What’s happening? Can you raise an erection during masturbation? What happens when you’re with a partner? If you’d like general information about erectile dysfunction, read these articles: Erection Myths—the The Truth About Erections, Weak Erections or ED? Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, and Erectile Dysfunction: Treatments.

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