My partner’s penis is one of the rare mythic giants….9 inches long and 7.5 inches in circumference. I’ve been with thick large guys before, or so I thought until my current partner came along. He has had issues with women who can’t fit him in or are scared of him. Only 2 women he has been with could really accommodate him. Each of them worked with him over time and it eventually worked. We want to make it work. How can I adjust my vagina or stretch it to fit him? He can’t even put his full tip in my vagina. We want to make it work. I have a feeling that I need to work on my own as we are long distance. Thanks for any advice.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I wish the 99% of men with average-size equipment who are sure they’re too small would read your question. Your boyfriend’s experience is quite typical. The tiny percentage of men with huge ones scare women off, and often hurt them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You want to know how to accommodate him? You came to the right place.

    Imagine a hand towel stuffed into a sock. The sock is the outer vaginal wall. The towel is the internal vaginal musculature, tightly folded inside. During childbirth, both the vaginal wall and the internal muscles expand enormously, the wall to allow the baby out, and the muscles to push the newborn into the world. But at most other times, the musculature is tightly folded inside the vagina. The exception involves sexual arousal. As women become aroused, the muscle tissue relaxes a bit—nowhere near as much as during childbirth, but enough to allow an erection in comfortably for the woman.

    So the issue is: How can you coax your vagina to relax to the max to allow your Big Boy in? Here’s how: Extended foreplay. Lots of oral. Lots of lube. And using position with him still and you in control of the depth and speed of insertion.

    I suggest that you guys kiss, hug, roll around, and enjoy mutual whole body massage for at least 30 minutes (if you make love to music, around 6 songs) before he even reaches for your vulva/vagina. Then at least another 10 minutes of caressing your vulva and oral sex, and using lots of lube to gently finger your vagina, first one finger, then two, and slowly working his way up to four—with you coaching him along the way so you’re always comfortable. You might also use dildos of graduated size. All the while, you should breathe deeply and consciously relax. When you feel ready to attempt intercourse, use either the woman-on-top or rear entry (doggie) positions. With either one, he should remain still, so you’re in total control of the speed and depth of insertion. You being in control allows you to remain relaxed and comfortable—no painful surprises with him trying to push in. Try to work him in slowly at any pace that feels comfortable for you. Give this plenty of time. But always remember. Your vagina can allow a baby the size of a small watermelon to pass through. It can accommodate even a supersize penis—if you take the time to allow the organ and its musculature to relax. For more on this, read my low-cost e-article, The Truth About Tight and Loose Vaginas. It comes with a money-back guarantee through PayPal, so no risk to you.

    The accommodations I’m suggesting assume that your boyfriend has solid ejaculatory control. If he doesn’t, with your help, he can learn it pretty easily by following the program in my low-cost e-booklet, The Cure for Premature Ejaculation. It, too, carries a money-back guarantee.

    I wish you great—and comfortable—sex.

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