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Angry young couple lying in bed

I am in desperate need of advice to increase sex in my relationship. Me and my girlfriend are both 19. When we first got together, we had a lot of sex, and it was amazing….

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michael castleman in office

Michael Castleman Has Recipes For Renewing Ardor By Corrie M. Anders, The Noe Valley Voice A Noe Valley author has written a new self-help book that may be the ideal complement to that box of…

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Sexy couple handcuffed sex Toys

The secret of keeping old married sex hot is courtship for life The New York Times asked 2,903 subscribers: If your entire sexual history were made public, would people find it shocking or boring? Two-thirds…

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Aging is Not The End of Sex

The conventional wisdom is that for both men and women, sexuality is like men’s hair. With age, it recedes and eventually disappears. The conventional wisdom contains a germ of truth. Aging brings sexual changes, frequently…

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couple in shower

Enjoying great sex isn’t all that complicated. Just embrace these nine elements. Each of us is sexually unique. We all have complicated personalities and highly individual lovemaking preferences. Put two erotically unique individuals together, and…

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Sex And Weed Does Marijuana Enhance Sex Or Destroy It?

Alcohol, narcotics, cocaine, meth—you name it, their sexual effects are well-documented and quite predictable. The exception is marijuana. Its sexual effects are all over the map, from “I can’t stand having sex stoned,” to “I…

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New Sexual Moves: “You Want To Try What?!”

Your sex life isn’t exactly boring, but it’s not fireworks either, not like it was in the early days of your relationship. Perhaps you’re in a sexual rut. But even if you’re not, maybe your…

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Anal Play — Without Pain

What exactly is anal sex? In pornography, it means just one thing—penis-anus intercourse. But according to San Francisco sex therapist Jack Morin, Ph.D., author of Anal Pleasure and Health, a highly regarded guide to anal…

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Dr Jessa podcast

I was recently on the Dr. Jessa BetterSexPodcast where we discussed Sex Across the Lifespan.   From Dr. Jessa about the podcast… Common Sexual Issues  Poor ejaculatory control is one of his best-selling subjects and…