Is Trimix gel safe and effective ?

Hi, I’m contacting you because I’m confused about my libido. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18, I stopped having sex when I reached 19. My libido went down, and had no interest in sex at all. I never used to think about it, or want to do it. I’m 27 soon, and I’m not sure why but since I’ve reached my late 20s, I can’t stop thinking about sex!! Nearly everyday, to the point I’m willing to meet men for one night stands. Why could this be please? And thank you!

For years I took ED meds – Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra – with excellent results. Lately, they don’t work at all. Is this phenomenon typical, inevitable? If the answer is that the body adjusts itself out of the range of efficacy, does this adjustment also happen with medications taken for other purposes? I’m 63, and I’m curious in a scientific way. What can I do?

My husband and I have been married 5.5 years, and I’m confused. Our sexual frequency has always been a problem. I’ve always been the one to demand sex. Beginning last year, I just stopped doing this. In the meantime, coincidently my husband was dumped by his very best friends. We spent a very hard time with no sex at all. I got mad, and had many questions about his sexual appetite. Last summer on vacation, I observed him look at both men and women. One dinner he was drunk and did oral sex to his cigar… anyway… at the end he confessed his masturbation habit and that he loves to play with his anus. This year he went to hypnotherapist and quit his porn habit. Since January he has been very shy and depressed. What shall I do?

I’m unmarried and in my religion, it is not allowed to masturbate. But sometimes I feel a great sex drive, and want release. Nocturnal emissions are allowed. Is there a specific sleep position that stimulates nocturnal emissions? Or can I wear something on my penis to do this?

So I’ve been trying to get my wife to open up more about sexual experimentation. Then I had a good friend over at our house for a few drinks. We were drinking in the kitchen with the wife, who got pretty drunk. After a while I had to use the restroom. I heard my friend yell, “What the fuck?!” I peek back in and she is pulling at his belt trying to get to his junk. I said nothing. Here she was being experimental, and I was OK with it. As I return, I come around the corner and she’s still in front of him but kneeling and he had his head back and eyes closed. I see her giving him head. That was our first threesome and it lasted quite a while. The next morning, hung over, she claimed she didn’t remember anything and didn’t want to talk about it because if what I said happened really happened, she regretted everything. Meanwhile, I’m convinced part of her loved it. My question: Why should I believe she doesn’t remember anything?

We are both in our 60s. My wife has bad knees and I really want to do the doggy style position with her. She is afraid of hurting her knees (and I don’t want to hurt her either). Are there any good variations that don’t stress the knees? She is my second wife — my first wife passed away with cancer and we both enjoyed doggy style a lot. I want to enjoy it with my new wife.

I am 80 years old. I take two pills for my prostate, one pill for blood pressure, and one pill for cholesterol. I am also taking pain killers for facial shingles contacted in 2021. I take Viagra and up until two months ago everything great in our sex life. Then all of a sudden, I am coming before I start intercourse and I do not experience orgasm. What do you think?

I am a cuckold type guy. I feel much better and horny when I think about inviting another guy into our bed room to fuck my wife in front of me. I like that better than fucking my honey myself. But this is not possible in reality. Perhaps I could enjoy my fantasy using an online platform. How can I get introduced to a believable man who can help with this, while protecting my privacy?

I have been talking to a couple of my buddies about men aging and not having dependable erections any more. So all things considered if you don’t want to be defendant on drugs for the rest of your life we are hearing a lot about a simple penal implant to correct this issue. Easy , dependable , sustainable erections sounds like a win , win , situation for men covered by Medicare too. Have you had any feed back from the woman’s side on how they feel about that? Thanks P.C.