Is there any kind of pill that can be taken to stop PE? I can have foreplay for a long time but as soon as I enter her vagina, I ejaculate very fast.

I have lost the ability to climax sexually with my wife. I can’t remember when this started. It was a gradual thing over the years. I am a very fit 70 year old and am very active in my sexual relationship with my wife. (At least 5 days a week we have morning sex) I go through the act but I have no climax. I am on a quarterly blood draw where I am checked with lab tests for all major health functions. I am on a daily Testosterone cream to keep my levels at a upper average level. I also take 10mg of Cialis daily. I can get strong erections, but don’t get a pleasurable climax anymore. I did get a vasectomy 40 years ago, is there any relationship to loss due to this over the years? Not sure what the problem is at this point. I am retired and have a great relationship with my high school bride for the last 51 years and not under any great stress. Can you give me any advice to help with this situation?

How often should I be having sex with My Wife? I am just over 60yrs old.

Does frenulum removal help with premature ejaculation (PE)?

I am 20 years old and started watching porn when I was 13. I got into masturbation big time at 16, so it’s been 4 years. I used to masturbate up to 3 times a day with very few days off and never thought about any consequences. Then last year I started experiencing weak erections, but I continued yanking. Now I can’t get erect without porn. No morning erections or sex dreams, and even with porn the erection is somewhat weak and short lasting. I also have premature ejaculation, after about 3 minutes. I’ve also experienced testicular pain that radiated down my thigh to the knee—several episodes over the 4 years since I started masturbating. Each lasted about 3 weeks. I started worrying. I decided to completely stop porn and masturbation after a day when I masturbated 3 times and had severe numbness in my penis and testis that lasted for the whole day. I want to ask are these erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation reversible when I completely quit ? Would the function return back to normal? (I have had no true sexual interactions except for sexting.)

I’m 64 years old. For most of my life I’ve had a hard time reaching orgasm during sex with women. By myself it’s usually not a problem. This has been an issue most of my dating and married life and it’s very frustrating. I have a willing and helpful girl friend.  Sometimes it’s not an issue but most of the time it is. I also have premature on rare occasions. Any advice?

Do women enjoy sex during pregnancy?

I’m interested in why someone would feel aroused by being locked in a pitch black closet, or isolated in another similar way. I know this may be a very broad question and everyone has a different answer. But psychologically, what are the patterns?

I am 32 this year and still unsure of my sexual orientation. I might be bisexual.
I am attracted to a man’s chiselled body but never imagine sex with men. At same time , I’m attracted to women and want straight sex.
I felt guilty when looking at porn as it feels disrespectful to women, but I’m intrigued by both straight and gay porn. Confused soul.

Hi, I hope this question is not lame. During sexual intercourse, I take something like 30 to 45 minutes to cum (releasing semen). After I cum, I lose all interest in going for another round. I just feel too tired. I don’t know a better way of asking my question but here’s what I want to know: Is this normal? Is it normal for a young man like myself to go only  one round of about 30-45mi, and then feel unable to go another?