I am a young man 25 years old and I have not had sex before, can that have any negative effects on me?

Hi, I have a question about how my partner talks to me. He will say/text like I can’t wait to give you tons of cock. On one side, I want him to feel free to express himself and sometimes it feels like dirty talk and we do play on that, but other times I just feel like it is not erotic like a partner, but more like I am just a hook up. What do you think? I know he can’t read my mind. I am having a hard time balancing the hot sex and caring aspects.

I am fifteen years old. I accidentally discovered how good it feels to rub my penis when I was 3 years old in the bath tub.

I showed my mom right away with excitement. “Look how good this feels!” I said. But my mom shoved my hands away and said that its best not to do that right now. I asked her why. She said that the penis is a private part and we dont show it to anyone or play with it in front of anyone. She said if I want to play with my penis I should be alone in my bedroom or in the bathroom but not when she is watching me because she didn’t want to see me.

Even though she said it nicely like that, I still thought I did something bad, yet at bedtime I had to play with my penis some more (which is the name my 3 year old brain came up with for this.)

So at bedtime, I pulled my blanket up tight around my whole body in case someone would walk in and see me. Then I pulled my pajama bottoms and underwear down to my knees. Then I started playing around. I loved the feelings I would get from my soft rubbing and gentle carresses of my penis. My left hand would concentrate on rubbing the foreskin and tip of my penis, while my right hand would concentrate on the lower shaft. Pretty soon, I started doing this nearly every night before sleeping and at nap time.

Here is the thing. I didnt have an erection when I was 3 years old discovering masturbation. I did get erections all my life even at that age although I didnt know what they were at the time. In fact erections confused me and scared me back then. I had no idea why periodically my penis would grow and point outwards. And it was uncomfortable.

Anyways, since I discovered masturbating without having them, I never associated masturbation with erections.

Of course by now I have learned how to masturbate with one, but to be honest I prefer to go without. Just feels more normal to me.

But it seems like all of the sex ed out there teaches that boys have an erection before masturbating. And that many older people who have difficulty getting one take pills for that.

So my question is is it okay what I am doing? Do other guys also masturbate without erections? It seems like what I do is foreign to everyone else.

Now a second question on a slightly different topic about little boys and their penises.

Shortly after I discovered masturbation when I was 3, I started to notice especially in public changerooms how many other boys do play with their penises. I guess their moms never told them what my mom told me, haha. Many boys at that age of 2,3, and 4, I noticed started grabbing and holding onto their penises as soon as their clothes would come off. Sometimes it continued after their swim trunks were on by either putting their hand inside their trunks, or even tugging their penises from the outside.

Anyways, this has been a constant theme for me. I still see young kids doing this. When I was 6, my 4 year old neighbor was often seen tugging his penis while standing or walking. He would hold the tip or the head of his penis between one thumb and one finger and constantly squeeze it.

Then when I was 8, I saw a different kid doing that a lot at school while passing him down the halls.

I would secretly try to mimick that activity on my own in secret. I would lock my bedroom door, stand up, put my thumb and finger around the tip of my penis and start squeezing. Except that I dont feel anything at all when I do that.

And then when I was 12, I first saw my 2 year old cousin doing this exact same thing. When he was 3 and 4 he started doing it a lot. His mom would oftem whisper to him “hands off of your penis” and he would smile and stop only to go back at it 2 minutes later. Now he is 5 and I dont see him doing that too much anymore.

But my question is what are these boys doing? Is this penis holding, penis tugging, and penis squeezing a form of masturbation? They seem to be enjoying it and keep on doing it over and over. Yet how come if I am standing up, I could never replicate that. I think it would be neat to feel all sorts of stuff just by holding and squeezing the tip of my penis while standing up. But it doesnt look like that will happen anytime soon. I seem to only feel pleasure by actual rubbing. But it drives me crazy. I try at least a few times a week to feel some pleasure by simply squeezing the tip of my penis but it doesnt work. Yet it seems to work with these kids that i have seen.

I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve known a girl for 7 years who’s constantly teasing me and flashing me and leads me on sexually while occasionally participating in sexual acts with me but wants nothing to do with me dating or relationship wise and acts like everything is normal. I obsess over her and can’t stop and she gets annoyed and upset with me about my feelings and attractions for her. She even does it to me when she’s dating other guys. I don’t know what to do. I feel stuck, and so far no one has been able to help me. Can you?

I’m 84 and take an erection drug—Cialis. I enjoy a lot of sex. According to my cardiology tests (I’ve had stents and a valve replacement) I’m supposedly 52. I’m in the gym doing high intensity internal and weight training 5 times a week. No problem. I think sex is great. As you say, it doesn’t have to involve intercourse. However, all that said, I’m wondering if the meds can be harmful over years of use. Cialis work amazingly well for me. But I wonder about the long-term effects.

I want a MMF threesome. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 7 years. Everything’s perfect except I have a fetish about her having sex with another man considerably better endowed than I. I’ve had this fetish for a long time and I don’t think it’s going to go away. I just want to know is it weird? Do others do this? And how do I tell her? I want to make it a reality.

My man wants less sex lately and it make me feel less attractive and desired. Sometimes when I want it, he denies me. Meanwhile, I never turn him down, even if I’m not really in the mood. Please tell me I’m not alone.

A few weeks ago, I took my 5 year old daughter on a three-night retreat where we stayed in a hotel. I noticed on the first night there, just after we went to bed for the night, I heard some bouncing type sounds coming from her bed. I thought maybe the bed was too hard and she wasn’t comfortable. So I kept asking her how she was doing but she said she was good each time. Yet, I was wondering why it seemed like she was just tossing and turning around for so long. But when I quickly looked under her blanket, I saw that she was doing what looked like she was humping her hands. She was lying on her tummy; her feet and legs were wiggling around, and her waste was moving up and down with both her hands placed between her legs on the outside of her pajamas. I was kind of shocked to notice her doing that, but I just went back to bed and ignored it. I noticed the next couple of evenings in the hotel she did the same thing. I would hear some tossing and turning going on from under her blanket, and this would last for a good 45 minutes or so before she would finally roll over, and go to sleep. I believe she does this every single night, because I started to check in on her shortly after bedtime each night when we got home, and I can hear those same sounds coming from inside her bedroom. I have no idea when she started to do this nor for how long she has had this habit.

I guess I am just worried that maybe doing this every night for 45 minutes to an hour is excessive? And also wondering if I did this right thing by ignoring it, or if I should have commented and said something to her. I am sure she has no idea what she is doing, and that she just does it because it relaxes her for bed and that it feels good. However if this is a habit, is it okay for a five year old to have? And I was wondering if I should be explaining anything to her about this. She may have a bunch of questions that she is just too shy to ask, or even to bring up, and I am just wondering if it’s best for her to get an opportunity to talk about this. Maybe she feels some guilt about what she is doing too, and doesn’t realize it’s normal. I don’t know; I could be reading too much into it. If I do talk to her, what should I tell her without making her feel embarrassed, but without also bringing her even more attention too it. If she is humping her hands every evening, I wouldn’t want her to start doing it in the mornings, or at other times either, I would think for a girl her age, once a night is enough, right? What are your thoughts?

I’m happily married for 4 months, living with him for 2 years. We get along well and we are truly happy—except when I overdo the sex. I have always found myself initiating, never rejecting, love seeing myself as a sort of object, did this in previous relationships. Cannot stand rejections. I want to relax and not care, something I seek for sex and my mind asks for it rather than my body. What can I read or do?