My partner and I have sex regularly. It is satisfying but I want more variety. How do I talk about the subject without being uncomfortable and without blaming or shaming her. I need to start from the beginning, as we have never talked about sex in the 2+ years we have been together.

How can I reduce the sensitivity of my penis, especially in the glans? In positions like doggy style, I get very sensitive there and feel I will come very fast.

I’m a 72 year-old Vietnam Vet who still has no problem having an erection. A nice looking woman gets me hard in no time. When I see a woman with large beautiful breasts, shapely and good sized calves, or a great mid-section, I ‘rise’ to the occasion! LOL!! My problem is I’ve had some recent kidney issues, (due to the wounds I received in Vietnam). My VA doctor put me on Flomax. My first time masturbating was a real horror show for me! I didn’t realize that the drug killed ejaculation, and with no release of semen, I had no release of stress, and missed the fulfillment and joy that usually come with ejaculating. To have your semen stay inside you when you’re expecting a pretty huge load shooting all over the place is pretty mind bending and frightening. Is there anything I can do???

My wife and I have been married 12 years and have 3 children. We have been through the usual ups and downs, including very different ideas about sex. Sex between us used to be her getting naked, laying on the bed and saying something like, “I’ve only got so much time…”. I did get her to change a bit from that and after a lot of work she eventually got to where she would wear lingerie. But the constant in our sex is that she generally does not kiss, she keeps her eyes closed, and after a few orgasms she makes it obvious that she is ready for a nap. During sex I will generally have to ask her about some form of group sex scenario to get much of a rise out of her. When I finish, she immediately gets up to go to the bathroom and then at best she will come back and sort of cuddle for a short time and then she gets up. In the end, I feel like a non distinct “f@ck buddy” or a living sex toy for her to have multiple orgasms. She rarely touches me and also does not mention anything about me being sexually attractive or being good in bed. In all previous relationships, there was a normal give and take of such communication. I have talked about this with her but we have reached a sort of dead end. I am not sure that I can stay married or faithful due to the effect this has on me and my sexual desire for her, which has now reached close to zero.

Thanks for any help!

My husband has no libido at all. He ls 63 and takes blood pressure meds and a staten called Repatha which I’ve read may case decreased libido. Can my marriage make it? We’ve been married 35 years, but this is very difficult. We do hug and he puts his leg over mine but no more. l am 62. Does this mean I can never have sex again? He can still get hard, but he has an enlarged prostate. so when he has an orgasm, he has to urinate all night long—l mean like every 10 minutes as orgasm irritates his prostate. l’d like sex once in awhile to keep me happy. Or am l being selfish?? He says it’s not me, that he just has no urge to have sex. But, hello, he can still have erections and could do other things to please me. But if he has no desire, l don’t want him to do what he has no interest in doing. Can hugging and him putting his leg over mine when sitting on the couch be enough to make this marriage work?? Or do you think he is being selfish? l am not in the mood much either. l just want to feel that l’m loved. BTW: l know he is not cheating as he’s always home. Please help.

I’m having issues with my partner telling me that my vagina is too loose. I’m 26 years old, he’s the only sexual partner I’ve ever had. I have been sexually active for four years, and I was a virgin before this.  I have been killing myself doing kegels trying to fix it but no matter how many I do, nothing changes. It feels like it’s tight at first and then it relaxes. I didn’t have this issue in the past I would do kegels and he would say that it feels better.  I got kegel weights but I try the heaviest and it doesn’t fall out even if I relax. I got silicon with medal weights in it and the heaviest weight is 140g. Are these not good? The reviews say it helps. I have an IUD that I got put in about four years ago and they said to change it out after the four years. Could that be causing looseness? I’ve even studied how to do kegels but then my partner says that it feels tighter but different and not how it’s used to feel when I would try to do kegels but I wasn’t doing it properly. Am I just a weird person that has a loose vagina? I lost my virginity to my partner and the first time that we made love he got mad because he said it was loose and why would you lie to me about being a virgin. I was in shock because the first time we did it, it hurt a lot for me. Honestly it hurt the
first couple times we did it. Does it relate to my body shape and how heavy I am? I’m 5’7 and 204lbs I have an hour glass figure. If I loose weight will it make it better? I know My writing isn’t the best, so I apologize if it’s hard to understand. Please help me! I’m losing my mind over this
issue and it is putting a strain on my relationship. Please get back to me as
soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

My husband loves me, but does not like giving me oral sex. I give it to him. l am thin and very clean. Boy, it hurts to be treated this way.

My husband is significantly older than I am. I still desire sex. What are suggestions for a mutually happy intimate life with functional issues?

My wife is not interested in anything anal. I respect that but I absolutely love the odd time when she is willing to touch mine so much that I find myself constantly touching my asshole while masturbating, and have purchased a rather large butt plug that she doesn’t know about (yet). I really enjoy inserting it. Should I tell her I have it?

With oral sex, my female partner likes my penis enlarging and getting hard in her mouth. What is the equivalent experience for me with her? Can I get the same feeling with her areole and nipples in my mouth? I am new to oral sex.