Why do I sometimes bleed after my boyfriend fingers me?

What if a girl was raped at the age of seven—will she still be a virgin in her 20’s? She hasn’t had sexual intercourse after that incident.Thanks.

How often should we have sex? I’m on Endep medication and my husband uses Viagra.

This may be a little out of your bailiwick, but I am guessing many men may now be in my situation. My insurance this year has cut out all coverage for all ED drugs.  I find them necessary. My GP recommended I should look for generics, but the only ones I can find online are from Canadian pharmacies. I have received so much spam over the years about ED drugs that I am reluctant to give my credit card number without knowing that who I am dealing with is reputable. Do know anything about the security of buying ED drugs online with Canadian pharmaceutical operations? Or any other way of getting hold of generics?

I want to spice up our sex life by introducing BDSM, but my husband has bad memories in his past (nothing sexual) and dislikes BDSM. I really want to try this with him but I do not want to pressure him or feel like he doesn’t pleasure me to the max. Should I cope and forget about this fantasy? Should I spice things up? I am not sure what to do and I really love him and BDSM is something that is a part of me and he knows that.
thanks, Amethyst

My boyfriend & I have been together for 16 years but the past 2 years have been extremely stressed out because he hasn’t been working & I find it stressful & overwhelming to be the breadwinner & also that he doesn’t appreciate me. He’s dead wrong but he swears I’m selfish & a bad provider & that he’s not grateful to me because I never gave him anything or did anything for him! I get stressed to work so hard & sacrifice so much & he doesn’t even see it. Our sex life has gotten even worse! He withholds sex as punishment when he’s upset with me. It’s been 2 months since we have & for the past week I’ve been in complete agony. My frustrated libido & unfulfilled arousal have become physical pain that feels like pressure & constriction & it causes me to get high levels of anxiety, stress, edginess & irrititability. He’s now going to be withholding sex for even longer because I’m being punished for being stressed & in pain. I explained it to him & told him I can’t help it & I need him and he said there’s nothing he can do, he’s not a robot, he can’t have sex with me unless I treat him with kindness, & that nobody’s gonna line up to have sex with a woman who has tears of pain & frustration on her face. I’m in a lose lose situation, I feel like he doesn’t care about me & I don’t think he’s physically attracted to me at all. What should I do?

Long story short, I started having sex when I was 17. Had sex with my gf every week, sometimes twice. The first shot lasted a minute or two and then the rest of them lasted quite a bit longer. Also I sometimes went up to 7-8 times—is that okay? Then I started smoking cigarettes and marijuana and the thingy would last only a 5-6 seconds and it wouldn’t get up for the second time. So i stopped smoking marijuana and cigs but the problem is still here. It’s been a year and the condition is the same. What should I do? What does marijuana have on johnson?

I have a question regarding sexual intercourse diseases like AIDS. In my life I had intercourse with 7 guys over 7 years without protection…. now like 2 and a half years later I have lumps or bumps that are really painful and itchy around my vagina. It comes under skin and become big after 3 or 4week it go away…. I’m afraid that I’m getting HIV… I didn’t spoke to any one I don’t trust people but you were the only person I can get help…. how can I know if I have that disease

Please inform me thank you

Hi! Two years ago during masturbation suddenly my ejaculation turned bloody dark color, also some times it’s like raw red blood with dead cell- like I had blood in my semen. Episode continued for 2 yrs off and on. I thought it was due to rough sex. Masturbation and some inner nerve/wiring. Damages. Now no more blood or dead cells. But semen is watery, no more creamy white. I am 53 yrs old  male. Sometimes I had prolonged sexual abstention. Max 2 weeks. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards from Toronto, Canada.

Hi, I am 25 years old. I am male. I have a girlfriend and she is 23 years old. she said she had lost her virginity at the age of 20 with her first boyfriend. that was not me. I have no experience of sex with a virgin. I have only experience of sex with her. And I started to search about virgin and found a lot about virginity, hymen and myths about virgin from internet and I found you in this way. Now sir help me about the fact that, is there any different between having sex with virgin and non virgin??