Why does my boyfriend sometimes have to stop during sex and go pee?

My wife has expressed interest in being tied up, restrained, and ravished. She says it helps her feel like she can let go. That makes sense.
But when I try to do this for her, it is very very hard for me. I don’t enjoy being dominant at all. I see the pleasure it brings her but it is uncomfortable for me and not enjoyable. She has said this is her favorite type of sex and I just can’t see myself doing this for her often. I’d really rather not. She said now that she’s experienced it she wants more. Is there any way for me to learn to become more dominant for her?

I struggle with ejaculating too quickly. We always spend lots of time on my wife and make sure she has orgasms. When it’s my turn I’m good for about 15 or 20 seconds. Especially in a doggy position. There it’s almost instant. However, If we “simulate” doggy by me not entering her vagina and just thrusting along her vulva, I can last a very long time. Why is that?

After 13 years of marriage, my wife came out to me as bisexual. I always had thoughts she might be as I’ve seen her gaze with desire at women for years. I’m actually happy she shared this with me. It’s who she is. She has suggested a threesome with another woman. We went to a strip club and both had lapdances to check it out. My wife really enjoyed it and is pressing to go further. I honestly didn’t enjoy it. I appreciated that she did though. She says she doesn’t want to be with a girl unless I’m there too. Is it unfair for me to say no to that?

I’m curious about semen retention. It’s been widely promoted by YouTubers recently. Can you please share your thoughts about this? Is it as strongly beneficial as they promote it to be?

Is this natural? I’m a 39-year-old male. Sometimes I have sex with random strangers. I had several partners today, actually 6. We had oral sex. I was yelling and moaning. Is this natural?

Hi, I had twins 8 months ago. I would consider having another child, but my husband has postpartum depression and refuses to even discuss any more kids. He said he’s thinking of getting the snip to make sure there’s no chance of my birth control failing. Before I first got pregnant, I was aware that my husband found pregnant women attractive and was excited that I could provide that fantasy for him… until he wouldn’t touch me. From about 4 months pregnant he thought sex with me was disgusting and didn’t want sexual with me at all. Since our babies arrived, we have had sex one time. Just once. In 8 months. He says he’s too tired.I know he watches porn and he knows I don’t like it (as it definitely impacts our sex life) and he deletes his browser history daily to hide it. One day he didn’t delete it and curiosity got the better of me (I know I shouldn’t be looking but I want to know what he would prefer to me) He was watching porn of pregnant women masturbating. Honestly while I was pregnant I loved my body, I felt great, my tummy was tight and gorgeous and round and I am large breasted.
So my husband never wants me to be pregnant ever again and didn’t want to have sex with me. Now that I’m not pregnant he won’t either and I find out he does in fact find pregnant women attractive?! How can I try and attract my husband again? I’m starting to realise it may be more about me and less about ‘his time.’

Mr. Castleman, I was reading an article you wrote in 2012. In it, you stated that the submissive is in charge of a D/s dynamic. This is a common misconception, and for those of us that live this lifestyle every day, we see it as a way for some to manipulate others. A power exchange is exactly that: an exchange. D/s dynamics are 50/50. The Dominant also has limits which they will not pass, and they also have safe words. Total power exchange relinquishes all control from the submissive to the Dominant, leaving the submissive with no control. This isn’t done with malcontent, but through a rigorous vetting process. I don’t refute that submissive have limits and boundaries, but they are not completely in charge. I am open to any and all questions you may have on the subject.

A submissive

Does a thicker penis mean that a female would have greater sexual satisfaction? I know that too thick can hurt, but a good amount of girth – would that make them orgasm quicker or harder? Do you have any articles I could read?

I’m 36 years old, a mom of 3 kids, a boy 15 years old and twins born in 2017. My sex life makes me feel very sad.

My childhood was horrible. When I was 5 years old, I was sleeping over night at my grandmother’s house. They had a neighbor with 2 sisters a few years older than me, like 9-10 years old. While I was sleeping, one of them ran her hands under my covers and she touched me. I was scared and sweating and crying but didn’t scream or anything that would  wake up my grandma. I was scared to tell my parents.

After that, when I was 13 years old, we had a visit from my dad’s relatives. I remember this very old relative. He sat beside me and without anybody seeing, he touched me between the legs. He was smiling but I felt so stressed and scared I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking maybe it’s my fault.

At 19, I married. My husband was my first lover. Sex with him our first night after our big wedding I thought would be so beautiful and romantic. But he hit me during sex and left me crying. I didn’t know why he did that or what I should do. After 13 years marriage he cheated on me with his cousin and I divorced him. I was shattered and tried to kill myself.

A few years later, in 2015 I remarried. We had amazing sex our first year, but since I got pregnant with twins I haven’t had sexual feelings anymore. I’m very angry and sad. Very often I feel like I must be doing something wrong when I have sex. I’m acting like a I cum with him and I enjoy it but for real I’m not enjoying it and don’t cum. I’m always worried that he’s cheating on me, or taht maybe he don’t want me. I have so much worry in my head and it won’t let me enjoy my sex with him. I fell very unhappy and sad.

I have never ever talked about this with anyone before. Can you help me?