I am a 68 year-old-male having a great deal of difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner but not by myself. I have read your material and am ready to find a therapist but… I want to find one with experience in this area and none of the usual search techniques give information on whether this is a practice area for the therapists. I am fine with remote sessions.


What percentage of women enjoy performing fellatio? If they do enjoy it, what are the common reasons?

The main subject of my query is the current cultural mayhem over what’s moral sexual behaviour and what can be safely deemed as “harassment” without demonizing the sexuality of a particular subset of people. The main concern being specifically the age of consent and whether it should be lowered to 14 and a cultural commotion of sexualizing or objectifying young teenage girls. While I am familiar with some literature on male sexuality which says they have greater sex desire and desire for sexual variety and I completely want to respect this, but sometimes women are just reduced to their body parts and the desire in general as portrayed in media (outside of pornography) is also objectifying women. While this is true many arguments have otherwise insinuated that women themselves revel in wearing clothes, applying makeup and making themselves be sexually desirable and thus have no ground to cry about excessive sexualization and objectification, claims which have a truth to them. A clear manifestation of this dilemma is street harassment. Many women feel uncomfortable about stares and comments on their body on streets, but men don’t see the same behaviour as harassing when it happens to them, showing clearly that it is a female perception. Amidst all this mayhem, sir, I would like to know whether sexual objectification is actually real or is it a myth and if so then how can women stop feeling objectified or used for their bodies or harassed on streets.

My son is the light of my life.

I am not circumcised, and my partner and I agreed to have our son circumcised based on what our pediatrician suggested. It was a tough decision and it went against my gut feeling, “don’t do it, you are not and you are fine.”

Once it was done, I didn’t think much of it but now years later it’s all I think about everyday. The guilt of what we did and how it will affect his sexuality and sexual satisfaction based on all of the other medical reviews I found on medical websites, how it decreases sensitivity dramatically and even on Psychology today there are articles on the subject. My question it is kind of tough to answer, did I make a mistake, did I that take away his ability to enjoy orgasms. I read some men due to being circumcised at birth have a very difficult time achieving orgasms due to the loss of sensitive. They hate that they didn’t have the choice. I know it’s done and I cant go back to stop what has happened and I wish with all my heart that I could. I feel like I let my son down. That I ruined his body. I appreciate your time Mr. Castleman.

How prevalent is this practice among married couples?

My wife always gets up right after I come inside of her and fill her vagina with semen. She goes to the bathroom to wipe off. I feel she is rejecting me. I’d like her to stay afterwards and cuddle. Am I wrong to feel this way?

I am 68 and enjoy “mature” free porn. But I’m afraid that viewing porn is wrong and really legal. I don’t want to break any laws, but enjoy the photos and video of women my age or older. I don’t buy subscriptions or download anything. Is my fear real? Do I need to stop viewing porn?

I am a counsellor in England and seem to encounter a frequent problem in my counseling room. Since you have so much experience answering sex questions, I thought I would ask in case you know the answer. This could save me hours of research.

Men in long-term marriages/relationships seem to be willing to accept all types of touch, including oral sex performed on them. But few are willing to kiss, cuddle, or touch their partners in they ways they want to be touched. They are often especially reluctant to provide oral sex. Their partners come to me very sad. They love their partners but resent their men’s their lack of intimate connection.

These women are becoming increasingly paranoid about their physical appearance losing confidence, and judging themselves as if they are doing something wrong.

I wonder: Has there been a shift in men’s behaviour? Or am I just seeing more women who complain of dissatisfaction in the bedroom, especially no oral.

Why don’t men understand what women need? How do I help these women help their husbands to understand?

I have enjoyed masturbating while self administering enemas (2+ quarts). Am I the only one? If not, how often is this technique used, and how many men admit to using this for sexual pleasure? I know it is a great turn on for many.

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