Hello, I recently read your article, His Porn, Her Pain, after discovering some pictures on my significant other’s cellular device. However, he does more than just view pornography. He has edited some of the pictures and added himself to make it look like he is right there in the action. I think that takes it to a new level of bad. Am I wrong here? I suppose I wouldn’t feel so unnerved if he didn’t have a plethora of memberships to secret online encounters or secret hookup sites. Or if he wasn’t getting emails from random females wanting to meet up. Or if he didn’t lock up his cellphone as if it was Fort Knox. Honestly, I probably would not have had the impulse to search through his phone if he didn’t guard it so closely. I know I was wrong invading his private, personal space but I do feel almost
justified in doing so because every time I have I’ve found something that doesn’t sit well with me or goes against what my relationship expectations. Anyways, I apologize if I started to ramble, but hopefully you can provide some input regarding the whole picture editing thing. Thank you for your time!

What foods should I eat to help me to boost sexual performance in old age?

I am 56. I enjoy sexing want it regularly, but my wife, 50, has no interest.

I’d really appreciate your insight on this matter. My partner and I have been together for 6 years, and he uses porn to arouse himself before having sex with me. I’m very open to all his fantasies as I have mine, and I’m open to watching porn together and no problem with
masturbating. But I’ve discovered him using porn in secret behind my back. That makes me feel low like I’m not good enough. Its’s been big hit to my self-esteem. I’ve tried to talk to him about the matter in a calm rational way, but he got angry and refuses to talk to me. All I asked him was what he liked about it in hopes that I could fulfill any fantasies he might have. I’m feeling very hurt emotionally.

I am 41 years old and for two years now I am having premature ejaculation and inconsistent erections. Sometimes when I want to have intercourse with my partner, I start having sounds inside my chest, and when that happens, I know for sure that I won’t last much longer. I usually feel some burning inside, too. I don’t know the cause. I had some blood tests but they came back fine. The doctors tell me to just relax and free my mind, and everything will be fine. But even to get it up is a problem sometimes. I want to know what might be the problem, please. Thanks in advance.

What kind of sex can a husband enjoy himself that brings incredible orgasms that satisfy him long term (so he doesn’t have to do it often)? He does not have sex with her but she still wants to be included so she doesn’t feel unwanted or unneeded.

I am 50, female and have had 12 abdominal surgeries ending in compete hysterectomy. Over the years, I had sometimes excruciating pain with sex. My husband and I started off very compatible and loved sex together, he would be very “in charge” and flip me around and I loved it and so did he. Then as I dealt with changes from endometriosis and adhesions and finally menopause, he would have a hard time maintaining erections due to the fact that so many times I had recoiled in pain over the years, and it success was hit or miss with me—could be great or could be a nightmare. At one point he sought excessive amounts of porn instead of me (for about 5 years he didn’t want me that way). We also had stress on our marriage at the time with adopting 2 girls from an orphanage. We have gotten past that struggle, it was years ago..and have built trust back from him spending time on porn, then not being able to be erect for me, I have gotten better at initiating (because he used to, and stopped due to my vaginal comfort being so irregular). All we do now is, I give him oral sex and he massages me and I use a vibrator. He shys away from talking about sex and I feel like a broken loser. He loves me and I don’t want him to be settling. He trouble with his erections and I know that is age and frankly I don’t mind because it puts less pressure on me and my broken vagina! We are magical otherwise.. I want to enjoy playing again and I just read your “sex without intercourse” article- thank you. Do you think he is done with me and is just staying with me because we are otherwise compatible? Even if I’m broken, can I still keep him happy? And how do I get him to talk about sex? I feel he would die before he let ke watch him even masturbate. Help!

My husband is 52 yrs old, He’s been diabetic since he was 17. Fo the past several years, he has not able to have intercourse. His penis stays soft. This is problematic for us. Why is he like this? His medication? Or something else? Can this be treated?

I’ve been having a premature ejaculation issue for about four weeks now. Not sure why. Before I would last as long as I wanted most of the time, but now I bust in a minute or so. It has been really hard on me and my mental health. I hope you can help me cure this problem.