I want to be lasting longer in bed. My penis seems to be super-sensitive. With very little stimulation I easily come off. Going for round two, I come off as soon as all the excitement begins again. I find this difficult to deal with because I feel like my penis is getting excited too fast and this gets me feeling bad. How can I maintain an erection for more than 5 minutes while my girlfriend rides or while I pump? Kindly help.

My girlfriend’s vagina smells and tastes really off. I (20 M) have just gotten into my first relationship (20 F) and it happens that it’s her first relationship too. She’s a shy and insecure when it comes to sexual activity as she has no experience at all, which I completely understand. Lately I convinced her that I really wanted to go eat her out because I really want to pleasure her. The problem is, once I went down there I realized that her vagina smells/tastes really off. She has perfect hygiene everywhere else so I don’t know what’s causing this problem. Most importantly, I don’t know how to tell her, because I really don’t want to make her insecurities worse. What do you suggest?

At 78, my erections aren’t as vigorous as they used to be but okay standing. My lady has to move quickly to catch it while it is up, to perform fellatio or “hand joy.” We deal with it (she is 74) but we’d like if I stayed firmer. Your book and magazine articles have been so helpful to this couple who thought sex was in our distant past. I’ve been a widower for 12 years, she a widow for six. Your advice has Been a godsend!

My wife bled profusely after intercourse. I’m newlywed. We’re Indian. I had sex with my new wife, who’s 31 years old. I am 35. She was a virgin when we wed. Our first intercourse was painful for her. But after that, we had passionate sex. She said her vagina hurt a bit but sex was good. Then in the morning, she was bleeding profusely. She had thick blood clots coming out of her vagina. It was real bad. We took her to an emergency room. The doctor took her to surgery and they put few stitches inside her. She was in hospital for a day, then she was discharged. I asked doctor why she bled. He said sex had somehow injured her, but he didn’t say how or what we could do about it. I am not so big there (about 6-7 inches when fully hard with normal thickness). Women in her family never heard of such a thing, that someone would bleed so much with big clots, just because of sex. Please advise.

My husband is 78 and has been experiencing both ED and low libido for a while. I am 12 years his junior and have suggested many of the things you talk anout in your articles. You say it is possible for him to have great orgasm without an erection but that has not happened. His urologist says his ED may be due to his meds for enlarged prostate. How can he achieve sexual satisfaction?

I never used to have any pain during sex with my partner. Now I do. When it happens, it’s like my insides are clenching up and he has trouble entering, which hurts. After sex, I often feel like there is a slight tear between my vagina and anus. Is this something I should see a doctor about?

What is the effectiveness of the shock procedure in an 80-year-old physically fit man? The cost in Texas? and How many treatments? Any pertinent info? Texas providers ?

Before my wife and I got married, she worked with a much older man. She was in her twenties and he in his forties. This older man was infatuated with my wife, and became a borderline stalker. She found him repulsive. Fast-forward to now. We’ve been married for 14 years and have great sex (use toys, porn, sexy underwear). She recently admitted that when we have sex she sometimes thinks about this man having sex with her, and those thoughts push her to climax. While telling me this, she was in tears. She believes she must be fucked up in the head to have such thoughts. I told her I thought it was kinda hot. We would never want to act out this fantasy in real life, but I’ve been encouraging her to think about it and explore it with me while we have sex so she can climax even harder. She’s repulsed by her fantasy over this old creep; how do I help her get past this and let her know that I’m all in?

I was raped repeatedly by my step dad. He would come into my room at night and force himself on me from the time I was 15 to 18.  Now I seek out sexual situations that are eerily similar. Why?  I invited a total stranger into my home—without knowing his name—to come through my door after I had fallen asleep and wake me up and force sex on me. What’s wrong with me?

I’m 49 and my boyfriend is 65. The issue is his orgasms, lack of them. We have wonderful sex. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with erections and they last a while. We’ve been dating a year now and I don’t believe he has come yet. I want to please him. I love being in his arms. We have a great connection. He is old fashioned and retired army so he doesn’t open up a lot. I just want him to have a great experience sexually with me. Any suggestions? Thank you.