If an almost-60-year-old male who hasn’t been sexually active in 5 years all of a sudden wants to be active but has a hard time maintaining an erection, can it be due to not having been active in the past five years and that if he starts trying to be active now help him start to have erections and sustain them or is this due to age? What suggestions do you have to fix this? Thank you!

Sex dolls? Friend or Foe?

At 47, I consider myself to have a very high sex drive. Could that be a reason why my cum that use to be thick is now all watery?

If women indeed have the capability to achieve orgasms, then how come the vast majority is downright uninterested in sex? I am sorry if this sounds cranky, but I cannot believe that 100% of the problem lies in their inability to obtain fulfillment of whatever excruciating list of requirements for getting women even to “think about it”. After living 51 years and experiencing 24 different women, I am ready to conclude that honest, mutual satisfaction lies beyond common men’s reach. For the record, I am married to an otherwise adorable lady, find women amazing and only wish I could share my sexuality with them, rather than bearing the rather destructive feeling that my libido is a burden and that they’re doing me a favour, to help me out of my misery. I am not kidding when I say that I envy gay men’s desire reciprocity! Only I am not gay…

As an old man, few things excite me any more. However, I get really turned on by the idea of making a movie involving a mother and daughter,  with the daughter at least 40 years old. Would this be too dangerous to explore among my wife’s friends? And how could I do this any other way?

I am 36 yr old, and have had erectile dysfunction for a couple of years. I visited my doctor. Medications work in the first few days, but then stop working. I have normal blood pressure. I’m not overweight. I don’t drink alcohol. I sometimes have morning erection, sometimes not. Thanks for your help.

Dear Sir,
I would like to ask you for some guidance related to erectile dysfunction connected with venlafaxine administrated for 6-7 weeks.
Could you please advise a psychiatrist who could help restore my function? How long before I can get an erection again. It’s already one month since discontinuation of medication. Many thanks

Sorry, but I don’t agree with you. Porn DAMAGES a lot of relationships. I know. Anyone with an addictive personality becomes addicted and then it’s only porn that gets them off. There are more screwed up men (and women) out there than you know. I agree with the woman who responded to your article in AARP. I myself lost my self-esteem and sex drive because he uses porn. In my 50’s and I’m still fairly attractive. His mother bought him Playboy at a young age saying it was healthy. He has a highly addictive personality and will take everything to the extreme: alcohol, gambling, drugs, and porn. All those vices go hand in hand. I just ended our relationship to save what is left of me. Your article only confirms in their minds that there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. He started telling me what he’d like to do to some young women he’d see when we were out and about. So, it is unhealthy! It damages their partners for life. Do you still think it’s so great?

I’m 33 years old and over the last couple weeks, I’ve been very horny. It’s been crazy the way my body feels. How do I deal with this…. ??

Hi Michael, thanks for all your wonderfully insightful and inspiring articles.  I’m 31 and my partner is 65. We have a lot of emotional difficulty and I think it is largely due to sexual frustration. I orgasm more easily when he wears a strap-on but I also love him being inside me. I like to vary positions and the strap-on makes that possible as he has some difficulty with erections despite Viagra. I’m in love with him but I don’t want him to feel emasculated. Is it wrong or weird that I like the strap on as much as I do and want to ask for it more? Is it wrong to prefer it to his actual penis when it comes to penetration? I don’t mind a bit of both actually but I don’t want him to feel inadequate. Please help.