My semen is very watery. I do not enjoy sex with my wife. My age is 26. I discharge very quickly. What should I do to recover?

Hi Michael
This is about condoms—and other issues. First of all, thanks. Finding you has been a great relief. I never thought I could reach out to an expert over this topic.

I am 43 year old male and have 3 kids. For the last several years, I have been facing difficulty maintaining erection, causing me great dissatisfaction. I had once consulted a doctor who had advised to take Cialis which I use only randomly with better results. For the last 6 yrs , my wife had been using an IUD (Marina) as contraceptive which we have got recently removed as it had completed its duration. We have thereafter been advised to use condoms. Moving back to condoms after 6 yrs is proving difficult as I feel much less sensitivity with condom on and hence erection looses. I use Dures Feather lite brand but still face this issue. Presently, I don’t take Cialis regularly rather only on the day when we plans to have intercourse.

May I kindly request you to please guide me.

Thanking You in advance.

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I am a 26 yr old male. I recently had hip replacement because of avascular necrosis.  I have masturbated for the last 10 years almost daily. I don’t hold my penis in my hand. I rub it with the pillow on the bed. Is my bad hip a result of this habit? Can over-masturbating damage the hip joints. Should I stop masturbating now? Is my style of doing it with a pillow wrong?

I’m a 64 year old, who frequently fails to achieve orgasm, even with younger, stunningly beautiful women. Self-stimulation can take up to an hour, but with a women it can take longer or never happen. With or without a pill doesn’t seem to make a difference. It does seem like what’s missing is an emotional component, sex with a stranger is mostly unsuccessful where sex with someone I’m more comfortable with is more likely to be. But that is no guarantee either. Sure appreciate your thoughts.

How can you say that most of porn does not depict violence against women when the act of sex itself is by nature, violent? Have you thought about the social implications of such fetishizations for women in everyday life?

I had sex with my boyfriend last night. We generally use condoms, but last night the condom slipped off midway and we didn’t have another one, so we continued anyway. Now I’m confused about whether to take the afterpill or not because the hormones in the pill don’t really agree with me.

He used the restroom before sex, I used a spermicide gel before sex (in addition to the condom that we were using), I saw him pull out and come outside (I asked him and he is certain that he didn’t come inside), last night was exactly 7 days after the first day of my period, so I’m on the border of the “safe period”.

We’re both tested and exclusive, so I’m not worried about STIs.

I’m wondering if sexual assault porn impacts behavior: Does it increase the likelihood of an individual sexually assaulting someone else?

Hi! I want to preface my question with some backstory about me and my husband. We are both in our early 30’s, met each other a couple years ago as adults, and are very open and accepting of who the other is. We loved that we found each other as secure adults, aware of our likes, dislikes, and boundaries. We both view porn and masturbate – solo and together – and we are both OK with that. We did it before we came into each other’s lives and see no reason to stop; we think it’s healthy. That being said, I was using my husband’s phone to look something up and I when I pulled up the search engine, I saw multiple porn pages open (60+). Fine. I know he likes to find what he likes and keep them pulled up for later reference. But curiosity got the best of me and I began perusing the open pages. I was upset and disturbed by what I found. All of the pages included key search words like “tiny teen” and featured extremely thin girls with almost flat chests, no pubic hair, and very young looking faces. It must be said that the websites were all ones I’m familiar with, and not sketchy (Pornhub,, etc..) with the exception of one whose title upset me (TeenPornStorage). Granted, in all the descriptions, it says the girls are 18. In reality, I’m sure they are even older than that, but made to look younger. However, I was deeply disturbed – particularly by one model who literally looked like a 12 year old. I mean, her body and face actually look like those of a prepubescent girl. My questions are: #1. Do I have the right to even confront my husband on this matter since it was technically a breach of privacy that led to me finding it, even though the intention was not to snoop? (we do not lock our phones, we regularly leave them laying around, and we are welcome to use each other’s for anything) And #2. Do you think I’m valid in being upset that my husband’s pornographic fantasized involve young girls? I know wanting to have sex with a real 14 year old is drastlocally different than masturbating to an 18 year old girl dressing like a teen, but isn’t that whole act playing to the “I want to sleep with a teenager” fantasy? I don’t want to begrudge him his fantasies, as I’m entitled to my own also, but it feels wrong to me. And #3 Whether or not my anger and disgust is valid, do I say something to him? I’m not sure there is any way to productively work through this. I envision us both getting upset, because at the root, this is about what turns him on and what he finds erotic. If I tell him I find it wrong and disturbing, it won’t change his desires; it will only make him feel either guilty or angry. Even if he never looked at that type of girl again, his desire to isn’t disappearing. And I know that and am upset by that. So…#4 Is there really any good way to handle/discuss this with my husband? It is causing me to be distant from him and not want sex with him, when we previously had a wonderful sex life.

Sir, I’m facing ED. I’m 65. What can I do?

I need to learn how to let go of my husband’s porn use. Everything else in our marriage is great and I feel that things in bed would be even better if I could just let go or ignore or come to terms with the fact that he views porn. Yes very aware that it’s normal and it’s his stress relief kinda like how he watches sports. I just need to let go and I feel things would be better in bed. There aren’ really problems with him, but it’s always in the back of my mind. We have been married for 6 years and together for 15. I was a virgin he was not. Help me please.