For a male, what’s the easiest way to begin stretching your anus?

Is it possible that your partner loves you but only can have sex in the context of swinging? It’s been like this since the very beginning of our relationship.

I am a 55 year old woman. I recently started dating a younger man. He’s 45. And he’s great. He loves sex and can really go at it. But the truth is it’s almost too much for me. Guys in their 40’s are still really sexually active. It’s really embarrasing but my vagina is sore and I’m constantly having to use lubrication. Am I biting off more than I can chew? I really enjoy him but I miss my guys in their 50s who want it just once a night. Thanks for your help. Love your writing.


I am 6 years older than my husband. We are 30+. Every time when he enters my vagina, he always moves very fast, and after no more than one minute, he ejects. He says it’s because I am older than him. Is that true? He said if women are younger than men, men don’t have this kind of problem.

Thanks for your article on erections in older men. I felt better after reading it.

I’ve been dating a beautiful woman for over a month. We had our first intimate encounter a couple of nights ago after a nice dinner. But I had wine. We didn’t start to become intimate until late. And she wanted me to wear a condom. I’m 63 and haven’t worn one forever and it just sort of made me uncomfortable. Long story short, I could not get an erection. I felt very bad and I think she felt so, too. It wasn’t how I wanted to start our sexual relationship.

I thought I might have ED, but I get erections when I masturbate, so I felt better after reading your article.  I realized that the cause was the combination of the alcohol, the late hour, and my discomfort about using a condom.

I’m going to get tested in a couple of days to show my girlfriend that I have no sexual infections and that we don’t have to use condoms. Do you think it’s a good idea to do this test to show her that I’m clean? I hate the idea of wearing a condom.

My boyfriend touches himself at night when we go to sleep. I tell him to stop but he keeps doing it and lies to me. It’s driving me crazy. After sex with me, he still touches himself. When he watches tv and a hot female comes on, he touches himself. I feel like he does it all the time right in front of me. It’s gotten to the point that at times, he doesnt want to have sex with me—and I am not ugly. What should I do?

My spouse of 35 years used to go down on me, but is not interested anymore. I don’t think it’s fair that I go down on him, but he will not do it for me. Do some guys just not like to? Since we were dating, he never did it very much.

He’s 60 and has low testosterone, but can not afford the shots. So takes the over the counter pills. He also sent away for herbs. Do they really help? I do not think so. But he definitely has low testosterone.

He just does not like sex very much. Otherwise, we are happy together. I guess sex is not everything. We laugh, talk, and do things together, so I don’t complain too much. I figure If he was not happy, he would leave. So Mike, do you think a couple can make it with very little sex at 60? He hugs me every morning before he goes to work and when we go to bed. He works very hard, and is very tired at night, so that’s not a good time for sex. He even pinches my butt, and plays around with me, but just is not very horny.

I am a 72-yr. old male with erectile dysfunction. I cannot have an orgasm anymore. Would a surgically implanted inflatable penile implant prosthesis help me achieve an orgasm, in your opinion?

I get it up but occasionally have a problem keeping it up and putting it into her vagina! I have better luck with her blow jobs almost always cum! Tried all the hype. What works?

How can I stop my masturbation? It’s been 10 years! Does masturbation prevent having children?