While practicing using your method for gaining ejaculatory control, is it a good idea to watch porn? I feel it over-stimulates me but when I do not watch it, I find it hard to stay aroused.

I started masturbation at 7 & now at 27 I have difficulty getting my orgasm during sex. What is the solution?

I have a question regarding genital rubbing (which sometimes seems to be referred to as genital apposition or frottage), which is understood to be non-penetrative sex. When this takes place between a man and a woman, the area of the woman’s vaginal opening would come into contact with the penis.
1) In this process, with the pressure applied, is it possible for even a very small portion of the penis (perhaps even a small part of the side of the penis) to squeeze into the vaginal space? Or is this anatomically impossible if insertion (as in copulation) is not deliberately intended?
2) Even if a small portion of the penis enters the vaginal space during the process of genital rubbing, I would think that copulation, or penetration, did not occur because the overall motion and intent of the act was not that of penile-vaginal penetration; hence the act of genital rubbing is called non-penetrative sex. Would this be the general consensus of sex experts?

Sir I just want to know how much masturbation affects sexual life. Is masturbation good or bad? As I’m a boy, please guide me. And what’s is the right method of masturbation..

I’m 70. My penis stays hard for only around 3 minutes. My girl friend is 45 yrs old and she is getting tired of it. And sometimes I ejaculate early. I’ve never tried a cock ring, would that help? What would you suggest?

I’m and 18-yr-old boy and have started body building. One of my friends said me that masturbation = no gain in muscles. Is this true? Does masturbation reduce gains? Does it reduce testosterone levels? Or essential proteins for building muscles? Or hurt sperm?

Hello Michael,
I am an attractive 67 yr old woman who is being hit on by a sex-crazed 68 yr old man who works at my grocery store. He told me he hasn’t had intercourse in 5 years, but has a very strong libido, etc. He enjoys shocking women with sexual actions. He showed a picture of his penis to the young lady who cuts his hair. I liked him before he got so nasty, but he seems to be depressed and excessively ‘sex crazy’. I wonder why he is acting out and if he needs help. Many thanks!

Is inserting a 10″ long, thick rubber big dildo into a vagina a risk to women’s internal organs? With too much force? Too deep? Thanks.

I believe having diabetes contributes to my penis getting smaller and becoming dysfunctional. It isn’t even shaped the same way it was all my life. Erections are now curved instead of straight. My testosterone level is also significantly lower than it should be.
Do you know anything about this and contribute some information?

I am 60, good health, but have a concern about intercourse. A few times over the past year, I have lost my erection. After a few minutes, it returned staying to the end, maybe 10 minutes.  I get aging, but this duration issue is new to me. I exercise, cardio and weights, eat well. I wake up with full-on erections all the time, which I read is a good thing. I’m headed towards a 2nd marriage to a long time friend. She’s a decade younger. Is there a pill I should take?