I am in my 30’s. When I was in my 20’s, I was curious about both genders. I explored with both men and women (sexually and romantically). I realized that I clearly like men much more. I am happily dating a man, who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have no interest in dating women. I don’t desire them romantically or sexually. Deep down inside, I think I was truly straight even when I was curious and seeing women.

I have had a few bisexual women tell me that I may start to like women again. I don’t think so. These women still try to tell me “You explored with women. You might do it again.” I have no interest in doing it again.  My boyfriend and I are monogamous. There’s no reason to hook up with another woman.

I know sexuality is fluid, but I don’t think it’s fair to tell people that they may start to like the same sex again when they’ve already decided what they like. How would a straight person or a gay person feel if someone told them “you might to start to like another gender in your 40’s and 50’s.”

Have you known bi-curious people, who realized that they were straight and stayed that way?


Stubbornly straight and not interested in going back to being bisexual

How do I get my 50-year-old boyfriend to have sex when I want it, not just when he wants it? Why do we have such a desire difference?

Why is it that I ejaculate so fast? And recently I could not get an erection even when stimulated.

I am 47, he’s 49. We are in the 7th month of dating which started out with amazing sex as many times as we could sneak away—still is amazing. He works very early hours as a district manager and I know he needs his sleep. He is also many years divorced from an unfaithful wife and in his last year of raising a child full-time. We began dating 2 weeks after my becoming single. I have a 12 yr old who has not learned about our relationship (too soon). The situation is tricky and we are unable to meet often. Meanwhile, my libido is out of control and his doesn’t seem so. This is such a short time for him to become bored with me especially since we see each other only once a week. He still keeps in touch daily and sends cute, lovable, sexy texts. He has introduced me to both his children and has asked to meet mine. I have been very patient and understanding of his lifestyle, but I have to admit there have been times when I have pouted and may have pushed him away for a bit. He doesnt seem as excited to see me, but loves the attention I provide and a good cuddle. It has become harder for me to be around him as I then become frustrated and lay awake at nights yearning for him. I may need to back off and let him come to me, but have to very careful as I feel he may see that I’m not interested anymore. I am too old for games. I am very honest with him and all my feelings are the table—him not very much at all. Just a crazy situation I guess. But I need more sex!!! I am going crazy. Thanks in advance for any tips.

I may be bisexual. I have been married for 42 years with 4 children. Before I met my wife, I saw one guy in a bar one night and wondered what sex would be like with him. I might add that I was quite drunk. Fast forward to about 15 years ago. I started watching gay and tranny porn. I watched quite a bit for 2 years then got caught by my wife, 5/2016. I also wore women’s panties, took pictures and was maybe planning on posting them on line with maybe getting a man. I have told my wife I wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man but in my whole life I never have, nor have I ever hit on a guy to try. I told my wife I am bisexual since I have wondered what it’s like to have sex with a man. My question is, am I bi? I haven’t watched porn in over a year and my yearning to have sex with a guyhas waned. My wife has used a dildo on me, up my butt and has talked dirty about cocks which I do enjoy. I have told her I’m bi, but I wonder. My wife is a wonderful woman. I need to be a man and make it up to her without this hanging over us. She says I will never get over it.

At age 38 (2 years ago), I stopped have orgasms (either masturbating or with a partner) when I ejaculate. Semen comes out but I don’t have all the pleasurable effects of orgasm. It feels almost like urination. I am taking no medications, no trauma history, non-smoker, social drinker. I’ve had blood work done, seen a therapist, but no answers. Your opinion?

What percentage of couples married 30 years or more still have regular sexual intercourse?

I have had sex with over 5 girls now but have never lasted longer than 30 seconds. Its very embarrasing and im struggling to see how i can improve. What can I do to last longer?

Question arises after reading your article on this issue (what a nightmare this issue).
My question: I often hear this explanation of the reason someone under legal age cannot give consent. The brain has not developed enough for that decision to be made. Yes doesn’t mean yes because one’s not able to make that decision.
That may well be true-mapping of the brain is so very advanced- but when IS it developed enough? Is the brain of a 17 year old so far more developed than a 15 year old?
If this is the measuring stick should victims brains not be reviewed to see how far along the continuum they are.
I’m not being facetious.
Of course this wouldn’t work in situations where the offense was in the past….but surely it’s still great issue for many defendants. If that is the thinking then carry it through. (Not being a neurologist it’s quite possible I’m being very naive here)
I believe when women alledge sexual assault that 999 times of 1000 there is truth. I don’t fight allegations. I am not an eyebrow raiser when a woman says she has been raped.
But this issue, this statutory rape issue…..from the date my son turned 17 I lived in fear he would find a 15 year old girlfriend.
So much mess. Such potentially life altering decisions.
Don’t get me wrong. People under 16 can be assaulted. But…..What a mess.

Sir my penis is long but curved and I want make a straight. So i want to take some penis enlargement pills. Please tell me sir if that’s safe or not?