I’m 77 and happily married for 55 years. We have learned a few things. We schedule our sex. That way we each know what to plan on and there isn’t the fear of turn down. Next, I awake at 5 AM to shave, etc., light a candle and read my iPad where I have stored some nude emails which get me started. Everything has been going well, except recently I have had a problem with orgasm even though I’ve been able to maintain an erection with the help of Viagra. Can you tell me more about men’s orgasms and how I can get one more often? Any books I could order?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have a penis instead of a vagina. At age 3-4 I started putting objects inside my underwear that would make me feel like I had a penis: thick pens, a dropper, turkey baster, etc., anything to create a bulge. Twice I got caught by my mother. She would ask why and I would respond: because I want a pipi. She would tell me over and over again that I was a little girl and girls don’t have penises, only boys do and the reason why my dad had one is because he is a male. Many years have gone by and I still feel the same way but I enjoy having sex with men except for one thing, I want to penetrate them to which none have agreed to it. By the way I am not attracted to women, only to men and even though I feel like a man I don’t like women. I get aroused by watching men penetrating men. Throughout the years this situation has been getting worst and worst because I want to have a penis so bad but sex change surgery has never crossed my mind. Please advise. I am very confused. Thank you.

I have a high sex drive and mostly I’m a tactile/visual person. However I’m having trouble keeping to do lists out of my brain during sex. It seems like everyone is always talking about fantasies and how they can improve sex lives. I don’t know how to fantasize (my parter will never tell me if he does and roll play make him feel silly.) I need spice, is fantasizing something I can learn?

I’m 52 years old. I think I have erectile dysfunction. I can’t get or keep an erection. What can I take so I can have sex with my partner? I love to do it with my partner but I cannot keep an erection.

I have masturbated since age 12. I’m now 24. I’ve done mostly dry rubbing. It’s caused my nerves to become weak and mostly blocked. Can this be causing premature ejaculation?

Can a man, 21 years old, whose penis is 10 cm – 11 cm long 3.9 inches – 4.3 inches, get married and satisfy his partner sexually? Doesn’t he need penis enlargement treatments or surgery? Is his penis too small?

We have been married 40 years. We had a great sex life. We had sex about 5 times a month. Now since he has been watching porn, and spends time on dating sites and casual sex sites, we do not have sex anymore. Please can you tell me what is going on with him. And is it possible to fix it?

I hope to truly please women. I’m a young heterosexual man, and I’ve just recently had my first sexual encounter, losing my virginity in the process. I didn’t last all that long, which is ok, though I hope to become more experienced with sex as time progresses and learn how to truly please the next woman I may lay with. I saw an article you posted on PsychologyToday.com, you advocated paying attention to the whole body rather than just the genitals. You said most women appreciate this type of sex more than the rather aggressive genital sex portrayed in porn. My question: How should this type of sex be approached? Isn’t the use of our genitals during sex what brings the most pleasure and what the majority of people focus on? How can I have great sex if I can barely last that long? I ask this because I am mostly worried that I will not be able to truly satisfy the next woman I lay with. Although I do understand that experience comes with time and practice, I would just like to hear your take on the matter. Thanks!

Are men77 years old still capable of having erections and intercourse, even when they are diabetic and have epilepsy?

I’ve been a single mom for 5 years now. I work, care for my kids and go to school. I’ve dated once or twice in those 5 years but can’t seem to make the right connection. I have a high sexual appitite but I also want someone who stimulates my mind. I can’t seem to find someone who can satisfy both needs. I masturbate 5 times a week. Do I have to settle for just that? I mean the guys on dating apps only want booty calls and the few intelligent men seem to know nothing of mutual satisfaction. Yes, I tell them what I liked and no they don’t take any advice. What do I do?