Hi me and the wife tried using a vibrator to spice up our sex life.  I feel she doesn’t need me anymore. What should I do?

Is it wrong for a 62 year old woman to get involve with a 31 year old guy ? Is that not a big age difference ?

Hi, I started masturbating at a very young age and it’s ruining my sex life. I don’t have orgasms or ejaculate during sex no matter how long I go during sexual intercourse. I get aroused, erection is fine, but just don’t ejaculate and I’m scared I might not be able to have kids. What can I do to to end this misery? I want a solution on how I can start having orgasm during sex. Thank you!

Is it okay to masturbate when you’re old? And why do younger guys like grannies?

My guy of 15 yrs does not have sex with me anymore. He watches porn almost daily or every night. I’ve since discovered sites that entice you to join for free hook ups . He says his libido is not the same as it was. But I’m the woman who says she will take any type of sex. I’ve begged and pleaded. Nothing, except when I do plead I end up with one sexual interlude. He says porn helps when his legs bother him in the wee hours of the night. But I’ve also found pics and porn throughout the day. He’s a liar. That is the truth. If he didn’t watch porn regularly then I would almost believe him when he says he loves me. It almost doesn’t even matter because saying I love you are just words. Meaning I want him to have sex with me. It’s been like this for about 4 yrs now. BTW I am beautiful. A few extra pounds. I was always a size 3/4 now I’m a size 10. Guys still look at me. I’m angry, so very angry over no sex. The anger has gotten worse since I’ve found hook up sites in google search. I’m 49 he’s 60 . I will agree his libido has changed. It’s not like it was, but he still has one!

I have been married for almost four years now and my wife has not become pregnant. What can we do?

Is it wrong for older women to be with younger guys?

Recently I switched to alkaline foods. As a by-product of doing this I have noticed that I have increased vaginal lubrication (I am 65). Have you any information that supports that alkalinizing your body can do this? Thank you

Porn is ruining my relationship. My future husband who is 46 suffers from delayed ejaculation. He can only ejaculate using his hand. This has been going on for over a year. We sought help and he was advised to cease masturbation for 90 days and stop all porn use to see if it helped. I believed he had done so but nothing got better. I continued to look for answers, all the while he continued to view porn and masturbate on a daily basis. I recently found this out and am furious! I always want to have sex and he turns me down. I also would not have a problem with porn or masturbation if it was not effecting our sex life but it is. He has now (after being caught) agreed to the same thing again but I don’t trust him at all. I think it’s likely best for me to leave this relationship because I cannot get past this. Any advice?

Hi Michael
I am interested in your response to this TED talk titled “The great porn experiment,” which Gary Wilson delivered at TEDxGlasgow.
Is it pseudoscience or something to take seriously?


Rob Rousseau