I recently noticed that while masturbating, I could not pull back my foreskin over the glans. I noticed that it is still attached to glans! I am already 20 years and this makes me even ashamed that I may not be able to enjoy penetrative sex. How to get rid of the problem without surgery?

I would like to know why my sexual desire is so much more than my husband’s?  He doesn’t initiate, and sometimes when I do, he turns me down.

I’m old, a 67-year-old man. How many times can I have sex within a month for better health?  My second question: After age 65, is sex more problematic for health from a medical point of view?

I am a 28-year-old gay man. I have recently started a new relationship with a very sweet and attractive man. He’s brilliant and lovely and I am really excited to be getting to know him.

However, I seem to be having difficulty becoming aroused and maintaining an erection when we have sex. He seems to find this very easy and is always erect just after kissing. We’ve now slept together about five times and, while I am enjoying it, I am also finding it stressful that I cannot match his sex drive. I’m worried that this will end a promising relationship before it has begun. It’s fustrating because I find him very attractive and sexy, but my body just doesn’t seem to respond. In addition, this is my first serious relationship.

A bit of background about me: I have been aroused by sex in the past with other men (however these have mostly been hook-ups). I have also experienced these difficulties with arousal and erections with some guys, however I usually take the passive ‘bottom’ role and can usually orgasm. I watched a lot of porn during my teen and early 20s and didn’t have many real-life sexual experiences, so I know my catalogue of real sex knowledge is fairly limited.

I’ve been to the doctor and had a physical and blood test. Everything is fine.

I’m really worried that something is wrong with me. I want to be close to the guy I’m with and enjoy the sex we’re having.

About 20 years ago, I would shave and see small spots on the side of my penis. I assumed they were caused by shaving. I’d leave that area alone and they would go away after time. Every once in awhile I would notice another small spot and again leave it alone. About 5 or 6 years ago, some spots showed up but they are still there and seem darker. I have been with my wife for 23 years and have never cheated. I’m sure she hasn’t either. My wife had a full battery of std testing 2 years ago and all were negative. Normally I would ignore this and assume they would just go away again, but recently I was told I need surgery and got worried I was gonna go in and wake up with some kind of other problem. I am worried I have had and currently have a wart break out. How could that be possible with my wife testing negative. Does that mean she gave it to me? Thanks

I’m a 50 year old woman in a new relationship of 5 months. I can reach orgasm easily on my own but cannot with partners. My current boyfriend is so patient and really takes his time to pleasure me orally and manually to try to bring me to orgasm. I feel self-conscious and “fake” it. He usually knows and has said he wants to get you to the point where I have amazing orgasms. I feel like so much of his sexual identity is involved in pleasing a woman orally (he puts this before his own pleasure) that he is discouraged and I don’t want it to become an issue. He has never said that, it’s just my perception. I enjoy everything he does but can’t get quite get there. He wants to help me and I want him to help me, but don’t know how to go about this. My body is changing due to menopause and it is harder in general to get aroused. I can reach orgasm on my own, but I want to with him. What can you recommend that we talk about or try? He doesn’t know I’m having all these anxieties about it. I feel really grateful to have an engaged partner who wants to please me and really takes his time and is doing all the right things. I just can’t let go but I want to get there with him. Thank you.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about two years now and the doctor did blood work on me since I’m pregnant and I have Chlamydia. I just wanted to ask if that means my boyfriend cheated on me with someone else? Or what other way could I get it?

I am 61 years old and I am experiencing erection dissatisfaction. Does alpha wave technology work? Thank you.

I’ve had plenty of unsuccessful sexual encounters. Lost several relationships and have developed massive anxiety towards sex. Help! I am so desperate. I am currently in a relationship.