plus sized woman & man

Hi Mike ,
Thank you for taking the time🙂 I am in a relationship that is more than friends w/benefits but less than an “I love you” couple. In our very early 50’s. I am a plus size woman, pear shaped@240. He loves my body and never sees an imperfection, even tho I do. I worry about crushing him and he is by no means heavy nor chunky. All muscle and about a head taller than I. Tells me never will I hurt him and I am beautiful.
However, I am not opposed to doggie style but only every once in awhile. It just seems so impersonal even tho he does a lot to make it not seem that way. I have ridden on top both frontwards and backwards. We 69 as our favorite and foreplay. Missionary, him lifting one leg or both over my head, spread and hold feet apart and same with knees., sitting on him on couch, chair frontwards n backwards, in shower, against wall front n backwards too. He thinks I’m hot in every way and will never tire of me, he’s told me many times!.Neither of us are into toys at all, sex games, bdsm., and no food. We just enjoy each other immensely. He wants and does give me many orgasms before he’ll let himself let go. Makes it all about me which no other guy have ever done!
I’ve looked up positions that work for my big shape. I am asking for more ideas, please. I won your book. Thank you so much! Interesting! But need help if you can. No, we do not live together, he started working midnights recently. We’re trying o get used to it. So it’s been a little while since our last intimacy. And I’d really like to surprise him when next we can be together.
Thank you so much! I highly appreciate it! I hope you can get back to me soon. If not, of course it’s ok🙂 Just need help!!


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Congratulations on your relationship. Sounds like you both enjoy it a great deal. The most common intercourse positions are: man on top, woman on top, and doggie. You say you don’t care for doggie, so don’t do that one. Otherwise, I suggest you and your lover experiment. Use your imagination! You might try side-by-side, or you prone and him lying on your back. But those might not work for you. So talk about it. Experiment. And see what you can come up with. I wish you sizzling sex for life!

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