We didn’t have sex for 5 months because he had work out of town. Before he left, his semen was thick and sticky. Now it’s watery and clear. Why?

If a guy that starts to watch too much porn to a point where he goes to sleep and wakes up watching porn, does he need help?

Is it normal to feel no sensation or pleasure from sex until the point of ejaculation? I mean I get emotional pleasure but nothing physical until I ejaculate. Is this normal? How it is for all males? If you could enlighten me either way that would be great. Thanks.

We’re struggling with more than a difference in desire. He doesn’t get an erection and blames me. I am 70 and I just get too tired trying for hours for him to have an orgasm. I get tired of trying. What now? I got a toy to help him so I can keep from being worn out. He says if I were more playful or exciting he could get an erection. But it’s not me. I can have an orgasm just fine when I’m alone. He stopped being affectionate years ago, no hand holding or kiss hello or good bye, just sex or no interest in me. If I try to talk about affection, he accuses me of being sexless. I have tried, but I’m really too old for hours of trying. Seriously 10-20 minutes is all I need to orgasm. I’m hoping sex toys will help, but I think I’d like some affection along with the sex. Like being nice during the day. Is it me? Am I not like other women? The last time it took literally 4 hours. It became a chore. I don’t like feeling that way. I hope the toy I ordered will help.

My girl and I both know I have some form of ED. I am 62 and can accept this. But lately when I can’t get an a erection I get very disappointed and sometimes angry. What should do?

Will abstaining from masturbation and sex with women affect my fertility? I  have abstained from masturbation for more than a year.

My wife is 62 yrs. old. She started having sex when she was young, just 16. She is in good health. When I want to have sex with her, she says her body can’t take it anymore. Did she start sex too young and now I’m suffering for it?  When we have sex she has orgasms and seems to enjoy it. Please help me understand this.

I’m older than my husband, and I desire sex more than he does. Causes? How do I turn my desires down/off?

Hello Mr. Castleman. In you article about lubricants [https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-about-sex/201110/better-sex-in-10-seconds-guaranteed?amp], you seem to be the only source that suggests Crisco is safe for use with latex condoms. The rest of the information available on the web suggests that oil based lubs like crisco are not latex compatible. Would you be kind to provide with more information about this matter? I recently had anal sex with a casual partner and we used condoms and Crisco, so I am a bit worried.

How can I ask my lover for sex? And is it better at night or during the day?