After stopping masturbation and significant use of porn, I’ve been suffering from major depression and anxiety. Since quitting them, sex with my partner has become more interesting, however, a couple of times I’ve ejaculated too early. Last night was the worst ever, only lasting about 1 minute. And that’s not normal for me at all. I’m 28 and I’m quitting my porn addiction. How can I help myself? Will it pass? How can I treat myself so l’m less stressed?

Me and my husband have a sexless marriage. We haven’t had sex since we got married. It’s a love match. I love him very much. And he loves me alot too. He takes care of me very much, which I haven’t see in other guys. He watches online porn videos. He masturbates and he chats in online sex sites. So I think he’s capable of sex with me. I asked him once if he has any problem we could take to a doctor. He got really offended so I stopped bugging him and started loving more which is the only option I have. But its really a mystery to me why he’s not opening up, why we have no sex. If he has a medical or psychological problem, I will support him and stand by him , but I don’t know what’s going on with him. Is there any way to turn on his sexual feelings so he has intercourse with me? I think once he got used to it he might like it.

I am a older male. For many years, my wife and I shared often 4some sex with one other couple. That relationship developed one evening at their home when they told us they wanted us to join them in their bedroom to spice up their sex life, and that his wife had a thing for me. We were not shocked. Actually we wanted to do the same thing, and my wife was having fantasies about that other male I found out later. We all took showers and lay nude on the bed and talked about sex to set the mood. The mood started to go to erotic fun especially when the other male turned on porn with the TV in their bedroom. We could see the porn on the screen as we talked and as the women started to hold hands and touch each other’s breasts. Both women started to talk about their needs and told us males they wanted to try alternate sexual contact and talked aobut it between themselves. Needless to say we males were totally interested. Things progressed very quickly from there. We males both sported erections and the women were feeling each other and giggling and touching our erections. It was like a daisy chain of hands touching everywhere. I felt so excited with his wife stroking my erection and my hand in my wife’s but crack and him feeling my wife up. I ejaculated all over his wife’s legs. When I grunted my wife giggled and said did you cum already ? I did not answer, but Sally, the other wife responded, YES HE DID ALL OVER MY LEGS AND THE BEDSHEETS, and giggled also. My wife said YOU BAD BOY YOU CUM TOO QUICKLY. Sally chimed in and said, I need to clean my legs off, I must say it was a major cum shot, and got up to get a towel in the bathroom. She said cum with me big boy, you need to be worked on some more. She took my hand and lead me off the bed into the bathroom, and then with a towel in had we both went to their spare bedroom, both of us still nude. When she got me on the bed and laid on her back we talked, she told me my wife wanted her to help me with my fast ejaculation, and that they both talked about it. Sally went on to say she wanted my wife to see how Alex was sexually with his long lasting screwing, she went on to say he would last 45 minutes before ejaculation, and my wife needed that to get more from the sex, to orgasm more. So Sally hand jobbed me for an hour or so just edging my cock so as not to let me ejaculate but keep me on the edge. This went on for like one or two hours. Sally was very talented to edge me, and she talked to me about her needs also.  That is how I started to enjoy masturbation, as Sally would edge me as she masturbated me each time we would all 4 get together. My wife would get orgasm after orgasm with Alex giving her oral sex.

I have a problem ejaculating. My wife complains about it. I’m not young anymore. I’m 59. She doesn’t seem to understand that. What can I do?

Background: I’m 47, he’s 60 and less experienced than I. We’ve been together almost 3 years, but only married 2 months. We waited till marriage for sex. It took a while to find a solution to ED, but we’re now having success there! Problem is: ED brought on anxiety and frustration for sure. The anxiety was whether or not he’d have an erection, hurrying up with intercourse because erection might not last – which made no time for foreplay. Even though we found “what works” to keep an erection, I’m still not relaxing and am finding it very difficult to get aroused. I don’t feel like my husband is knowledgeable in how to turn me on. I’ve made suggestions, but I don’t know why either he doesn’t take the suggestions or he doesn’t get into foreplay much. He is ready for intercourse sooner than I am. Not wanting him to wait too long and lose the erection, I’m definitely willing, but I just wish I was turned on enough to enjoy intercourse more. I don’t know why I can’t get turned on quicker! We are in love and have a great companionship, his size is amazing and always takes my breath away, I try to get my mind into it and visualize what we’re doing, try to relax on purpose, but the arousal just won’t kick in. After he’s done, he gives me attention either with his fingers or me on top rubbing his penis against me. We’ve tried lubricants, a vibrating ring (I didn’t really like it much). Problem is, it’s just so much work for me to climax, both because I’m not aroused enough, and it just takes a long time for me . It feels like I’m trying so hard to find the right touch to get aroused and to enjoy sex, and to bring on my climax, because it’s so difficult to attain. I’ve tried to not focus on it, and just enjoy, but I can’t seem to just enjoy the process because the feelings of arousal just won’t kick in. It’s frustrating to me, but he doesn’t seem frustrated. I really want sex, but it just seems like too much work. I feel like the problems lie in not enough foreplay, not knowing how to get aroused, my mental energy of trying so hard to enjoy it. Any advice? Thank you.

So we all know that masturbation during porn causes premature ejaculation. I was wondering if watching porn without masturbating and then masturbating without porn helps with PE.

Why does my boyfriend like watching young naked girls flaunting there boobs in spring break videos, but never touches or plays with my very large boobs . We have been together for about 4 years now , and he is anti sex but loves blow jobs ? I have come to the conclusion his asexual or gay what’s your opinion. A little back story – he got run over as a child that resulted in a coma for a month. Anything would help ! Thanks .

My boyfriend wants to give me an orgasm, but I’ve had three children (with my husband who died in 2012 after 43 years of marriage), two surgeries down below, and I need a vibrator for orgasms. (I do it to myself, so I know it works.) He’s shy about using the vibrator on me, and I’m shy about telling him where to put it. Help, please! Many thanks, Michael.

Would a man in his 70s know about giving oral sex to a woman? When did that stuff come about?

My fiancé is 51, we’ve been together for almost 4 years, and I am experiencing the healthiest (and most enjoyable) sexual relationship I’ve ever had. But I have baggage, specifically two sexual insecurities.

1 – He expresses interest in sex, but can only achieve an erection with oral stimulation (though he wakes up most mornings with one). This is leaving me feeling like he isn’t really attracted to me – only to what I do to him. I’ve tried talking to him, but he just laughs and basically tells me I’m being silly, that I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and it’s just an age thing. I know it’s me, and I don’t know how to fix it.

2. Porn. My first husband had a whole sexual life I wasn’t included in that did include porn and toys. He also wanted to ‘trade’ me for another man’s wife on more than one occasion. My current fiancé is nothing like him, and I am usually very secure in our relationship, but I have some very strong insecurities and voices in my head regarding porn. It’s not rational – I watch it, and I understand why my current guy would want to watch it sometimes, but I can’t help feeling like he is trading time with me for time alone. It also plays with my insecurities regarding his ‘hard to rise’ erections. How can I overcome these insecurities without making him feel like he’s done something wrong or making him feel bad about not getting erections easily? And is the erection thing normal?….even with very regular ‘morning wood’?