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I was talking to a nice, attractive, single, elderly 70-yr-old lady who is in great shape who I swim laps with. She paid me a compliment telling me I was in great shape and asked me how old I was and my height and weight? I responded that she looked great, too. Then I said I would answer her two questions if she told me the same about her. So I said I am 77 & 5’7″, and weigh 125, the same weight I was in high school. Then she said 67, 5’4″ and 116. Then she asked if I still had a “hard body.”  My response: Are you asking me if I can still get it up? She said yes. My response: Yes, but not like when I was 16. Then she said:  My lady friends and I feel sexually frustrated. Most older men are DEAD IN BED! We still want intercourse, and elderly men with erection are almost impossible to find. Why don’t more men get implants. Many of us woman get breast implants…. Implants sound like a no brainer to us ladies—and Medicare covers the surgery. Is it just men’s vanity & insecurity they are hung up on? I for one still like to rock & roll and under the sheets too at my age & believe in the old saying USE IT OR LOSE IT! What do you think about this?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I have several thoughts:
    Fascinating that she raised the issue with you. I hope you exchanged phone numbers.
    Yes, many older men and women remain interested in lovemaking, and wish for intercourse. If elderly couples can manage intercourse, fine, enjoy it. But most older folks can’t do that anymore. After age 60, around 90% of men have erection issues that interfere with vaginal intercourse or make it impossible. And many postmenopausal women develop vaginal dryness and atrophy (tissue thinning) that makes intercourse uncomfortable or painful.
    What to do? When playing with older women who really want intercourse, I suggest copious vaginal lubrication and the man inserting a dildo. If you use a dildo that fits into a hip harness, you can simulate intercourse quite faithfully.
    For women willing to let go of intercourse, I suggest “outercourse,” all the non-intercourse ways to play: hugging, kissing, mutual whole-body massage, handjobs, oral sex, and if you’re into it, perhaps some anal play, toys, and BDSM. Most older lovers choose outercourse.
    As far as penile implants are concerned, yes, they’re available, and if you really want one, you can have the surgery. It’s up to you. But personally, I would never get an implant. The surgery may leave the penis looking lumpy and deformed.
    Finally, I think it’s wonderful that you and your swimming pal are discussing later-life sexuality. I hope you both find what you’re looking for.

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