Woman orgasms

You’re all wrong about female masturbation. We masturbate as much as men, but many women are ashamed to admit it because of society. We even start earlier than guys. I was 5 yrs. old much younger than my brothers when I started. I think you should get rid of your sexist views. Many women are upset with your sexist views. We are visual, we masturbate as much as men and our sex drives are as strong as a mens. We get multiple orgasms, men can’t and we can go all night, men can’t.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Excuse me, but I plead innocent to your charges.
    I report what’s in the sexological literature. Many surveys show that, yes, women masturbate, but on average less than men. Now, you’re correct in saying that many women feel reluctant to admit self-sexing. I’ve reported that. I’ve also reported that more than half of adult US women own at least one vibrator, another indication that women enjoy solo sex. Call me sexist if you like, but I report what’s published in the sexological literature as accurately and faithfully as I can—and will continue to do so, even if some folks don’t like what I write. Happy self-sexing!

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