Depressed Senior Man Sitting Outside

I am 78 and have no partner, my wife died 5 years ago. But I still have good erection when watching XXX movies, preferably the so called ‘girl/girl’ movies which some times prompt me to masturbate and I get satisfactory, if not strong, orgasms. What, if any, health inconveniences can solo sex bring at my age? Despite my age I consider myself to be in good health, without any history of heart disease, diabetes, prostate disorders, digestion problems, or obesity. Thank you.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Masturbation at age 78 causes no significant health problems. But there are two annoyances to watch out for: chafing of penile skin, and wrist and/or shoulder soreness in the arm you use. For chafing, try a lubricant or vegetable oil. For joint soreness, alternate hands. Enjoy!

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