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I’m a 20-year-old woman with ocd. I masturbate compulsively. If I am about to ejaculate and stop stimulation, where does the fluid go? Sometimes I masturbate very intensely, and it feels like a pint comes out. If I stop b4 climax, will it all leak out? Will it cause problems in my body if I stop b4 it comes out? I feel like I need biology facts, not reassurance. (Maybe a bit of reassurance, too.)



  • Michael Castleman says:

    I hope you’re in some kind of medical/psychological treatment for your OCD.

    About your ejaculatory fluid: Imagine you’re wearing new shoes that rub against your foot. All of a sudden, you have a big blister full of fluid. Doctors advise against popping blisters. They urge people to wait until the body reabsorbs the fluid. When that happens, all’s well and there’s no harm done.

    Another example: When young men get sexually aroused, they experience a build-up of fluid in the prostate gland, which sometimes causes the discomfort know as “blue balls.” If the men don’t come, the body reabsorbs that fluid and no harm done.

    Now let’s consider your situation. You’re self-sexing and feel fluid build-up, but you don’t come. The body reabsorbs that fluid, and no harm done. It’s possible some might leak out. In that case, consider wearing a menstrual pad. But solo sex that doesn’t lead to orgasm/ejaculation causes no loss of sexual function and no harm.

    My advice: Relax about this.

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