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My wife, age 48, releases a little fluid when she comes. She has worried for years that it’s urine, but it doesn’t smell like it, and she doesn’t feel like she’s urinating, What is it? Her gynecologist mentioned “female ejaculation,” but didn’t know much about it. We looked it up on the Internet and found mostly porn with women who squirt buckets. My wife does nothing like that. I’m not worried about her little quirk (I actually like it), but her “problem” makes her feel anxious and insecure, which can’t be good for our sex life. Do you know about this? Is there something wrong with her?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Your wife is normal. Many women release fluid at orgasm. It’s known as female ejaculation. The fluid may contain a little urine, but mostly it comes from the paraurethral glands. “Para” means beside. The paraurethral glands are tiny fluid-producing structures located around the female urinary opening in the vulva. The first two were discovered by Alexander Skene in the 1880’s and were called Skene’s glands. Since then, several others have also been identified. The arrangement of these glands, and the fact that they produce fluid reminded researchers of the male prostate gland, and some began calling the area the “female prostate.”

    In 1982, John Perry and Beverly Whipple publicized female ejaculation in their best-selling book, The “G” Spot And Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality. They said that when some woman become highly aroused, the paraurethral glands secrete fluid that is released on orgasm.

    This observation seemed to explain a good deal of sexual history. Writers dating back to the first-century Roman physician, Galen, had remarked that women produce a “thin” fluid that “manifestly flows when they experience the greatest pleasure in coitus.” The Kama Sutra and centuries-old Japanese erotic works also mention fluid issuing from women during sexual arousal.

    But both Alfred Kinsey, the first modern American sex researcher, and Masters and Johnson rejected the notion of female ejaculation, saying that some women simply produced a great deal of vaginal lubrication. In their view, the paraurethral glands didn’t do anything special.

    However, vaginal lubrication does not squirt out during orgasm. Many women notice that they release fluid this way. Like your wife, they often feel embarrassed about “urinating” during orgasm. Many women have examined this fluid and determined by color and odor that it is NOT urine. The research here is not definitive, but several studies agree that the fluid is chemically distinct from urine. It appears to be a combination of dilute urine and secretions from the paraurethral glands.

    It is perfectly safe for women to ejaculate. You may have to change the sheets, but no harm has ever been associated with female ejaculation. In fact, one study suggests that women who ejaculate appear to enjoy some protection from bladder infections, presumably because ejaculation helps expel bacteria from the urethra.

    For more on this, I suggest that you read the articles on female ejaculation and the G-Spot.

  • Barbara says:

    Guys do not have a monopoly on the excreting of fluids upon reaching orgasim; actually, superior once again, since we have multiples we can “ejaculate” multiple time with multiple orgasims and don’t require time to reload our guns so to speak as males do. Sorry guys! Basic anatomy!!

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