I’ve seen pornos where the women reach such an amazing orgasm that they squirt cum. Is this possible for all women? How can I achieve this with my wife?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    In some porn, the women do, indeed, gush a cup or more of fluid from their vaginas. This is fake. It does not happen in real life. In porn, they use a turkey baster off camera to load the woman’s vagina with water, then they turn on the camera, she squeezes her lower abdominal muscles and the fluid shoots out. By the way, the women in mainstream porn never have orgasms. They fake them.

    Now some women release fluid at orgasm. This is female ejaculation. The amount typically varies from a few drops to a couple of tablespoons, and in rare cases, more. It’s not clear how many women ejaculate. The studies estimate from 10 percent to 50 percent.

    The fluid is not urine. It comes from the paraurethral glands, tiny glands embedded in women’s exterior genitals, the vulva, that surround the urethral opening. A good deal of research shows that this fluid is similar to prostate fluid in men, the major component of semen. That’s why it’s called female ejaculation. To learn more, read the article on female ejaculation.

    There is no guaranteed way for a woman who does not ejaculate to learn how. But some evidence suggests that vigorous G-spot stimulation helps. The G-spot is an area inside the vagina about 2 inches in from the opening on the front wall (the top if she’s on her back). In some but not all women, the G-spot is sexually sensitive and pressing on it heightens arousal–and the possibility of ejaculation. However, other women don’t enjoy G-spot stimulation. Check in with your lover on this. To learn more, read the article on the G-spot.

    It’s difficult for a woman to stimulate her own G-spot. But a lover can with a finger. Or the woman can use a special G-spot vibrator or dildo. These toys have curved tips that allow her to press the tip into her G-spot. Our sex toy affiliate, Adam & Eve, sells several G-spot toys. If your lover enjoys vigorous G-spot stimulation, wait until she is highly aroused, then press on her G-spot firmly but gently. She may ejaculate. Or she may not. It’s an individual thing. Either way, she’s normal.

  • Mike says:


    I guessed the porn squirt is a fake, thanks for letting us know how it is done.

    A former girl friend used to produce masses of this fluid at orgasm.

  • Jason says:

    You are wrong Mike, I was married to a woman who squirted like that. It disturbed her she thought it was gross, because she kept thinking it was urine. Once I convinced her it wasn’t she was more comfortable with it, but never completely comfortable. On the other hand I loved it, it was awesome and she would truly just shake from that point until I stopped. It was awesome and I guarantee you not fake!

  • Michael Castleman says:

    Thanks for posting. Okay, I believe you, some women can squirt copiously, but I’m guessing it’s a very small minority. Most of the squirting in porn is fake.

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