My wife hates porn and won’t watch it with me. R-rated movies get her in the mood sort of but she wishes someone would make some sex videos that aren’t XXX-rated. Are there any alternatives to porn?

My wife has no interest in sex. She is 40+. One year ago, she was very active. I am very depressed with her changed behavior. I feel so alone. My wife is taking medicines for depression. Can anybody tell me about her changed behavior? Is it any disease or age factor or side effect of medicines? What is the solution?

My husband seems to be addicted to sex on the Internet. He spends a lot of his free time there. He watches videos, reads stories and the thing that really bothers me I guess is that he is also checking out other naked women. He tells me he loves me very much and that these women don’t really mean anything to him. He is very good in bed. As far as I know he has always been faithful to me in our 23 years of marriage. I just don’t know how I should approach this matter without seeming that I am judging him. We have been having heated arguments over it and he does feel that I’m putting everything he does under my microscope. I really do want to understand his needs and satisfy him. Also I guess I feel that I am not enough for him. Can you please help? This is driving me crazy!!

I have some ED. I’ve seen these penis extender things in a catalog. Also PPAs (prosthetic penis attachments). What’s the difference. And do they work without an erection? Any you recommend?

When I ejaculate, the semen has no pressure. It just dribbles out. I am 44. Is there a way to increase the force of my ejaculation? I want it to squirt like it did in my twenties. Am I dreaming?

When I started getting anxious about more frequent loss of erections I went the pharmaceutical route. Viagra is really effective, but sometimes causes headaches and a flushed feeling in my face. Now trying Levitra, which comes on more gently and doesn’t have the above 2 symptoms for me, but even with 20 mg, produces erections that are less reliable, meaning we rarely can have vaginal sex to conclusion, which distresses me a little and my partner more. Any advice?

My husband and I like to play with vibrators and dildos during sex. Now we’re talking about using a rather large vibrator that will stretch my vagina. But I’m concerned. Is the stretching is permanent? Or, will my vagina go back to its normal size?

I’m very upset and so is my wife. I’m 46 and healthy. I can get an erection just fine when I masturbate. Sometimes I also wake up with morning erections. But during sex with my wife, I’m having real erectile dysfunction. Sometimes I don’t get hard at all. Other times, I get it up, and then lose it. I love my wife. I find her very sexually attractive. And I’m not having an affair. But she wonders if I love her, if I’m attracted to her, and if I’m cheating. Help!

I’m a 42-year-old man, married to a woman I love, and we have three kids. Before marrying, I had sex with six other women. No men. But I’ve always thought about having sex with men, sucking their cocks and having them suck me. Lately, I’ve been spending time on gay porn sites. And when my wife sucks me, I imagine it’s a man. The thing is, I still love my wife, still enjoy sex with her, and fantasize about women, too. And I’ve never had sex with a man. What’s up with this?

My girlfriend wants me to lick her asshole. She says it’s fantastic. Really? I was married for 23 years and thought my late wife and I had a fairly adventurous sex life, but we never did that, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Is it clean? Safe?