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I have some ED. I’ve seen these penis extender things in a catalog. Also PPAs (prosthetic penis attachments). What’s the difference. And do they work without an erection? Any you recommend?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Penis extenders are PPAs, “prosthetic penis attachments.” Imagine a condom with a 2 to 3-inch dildo on the end. PPA’s elongate the erect penis, allowing deeper insertion. They also help men with ED enjoy intercourse. You don’t need a hard erection to enter a PPA, but if you’re too soft for intercourse, a PPA is firm enough.

    In order to stay on and support the extension, the condom-like sleeve that fits over the penis is thicker than an ordinary condom. That may take some getting used to. PPA’s are easily washable and reusable.

    While it can be great fun to play with having a harder, longer penis, be careful when using a PPA for vaginal insertion. The extension may bang into the woman’s cervix or bladder, which some women find uncomfortable. I suggest the woman-on-top position with the penis still. Let her sit down on it and discover what’s most comfortable for her.

    Our sex toy affiliate, Adam & Eve, sells several different extender/PPAs. Select the one that appeals to you.

  • Gary says:

    You should stress your point about longer devices (or real ones). I have found that my partners much prefer width than length, and banging the cervix generally is not pleasing to them.

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