Sad senior man sitting at table

Do you know if this penis pump helps seniors with ED?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    All penis pumps MIGHT help older me with ED, but no guarantees. Penis pumps create a partial vaccuum around the penis, which draws more blood into the shaft and temporarily enhances size and firmness. So pumps are worth a try. But the brand you mention is on the expensive side. You might try a cheaper brand first. Visit Adam and Eve. The effectiveness of penis pumps depends on tightness of fit around the base of the penis. Tight fit it what helps create the partial vaccuum. If a cheap pump doesn’t help, you might try a more expensive brand. Or talk to your urologist. Doctors can order custom-fitted pumps that deliver good fit. I hope this helps.

    In addition, I’d just like to add that some level of ED is virtually inevitable for men over 60. Yet most older men who have partners continue to enjoy partner lovemaking and only a small fraction use erection drugs. How do they make love? By eliminating intercourse and focusing on what sexologists call “outercourse,” all the other ways to enjoy satisfying sex: kissing, hugging, mutual whole-body massage, handjobs, and lots of oral sex, both fellatio and cunnilingus. For more check out the chapter on older sex in my book, Sizzling Sex for Life.

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