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Is it common for a man to experience pain during sex because of the woman’s pubic hair? My girlfriend is currently trying to laser her pubic hair away permanently but this is a long process. Sex can be painful to the point where we cannot continue. The cause is my girlfriends sharp pubic hair which seems to be almost on the inside of the lips and feels like sandpaper. When she shaves it, it feels very sharp and is only marginally better when left to grow a bit. Is this a common issue as I’m feeling alone on this as I cannot find anyone else talking about this issue in forums etc.? And is there anything that can be done or do we just need to wait for the laser to take effect. When we have tried Condoms, it feels slightly less sharp but then I can’t feel much on the pleasure side so this is not a solution either. Please help!


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Your situation is unusual, but so what? Everyone has little sexual idiosyncrasies that may be challenging. This is yours, at least until her laser treatment is completed.

    Until then, I suggest that she shave right before sex with you. You guys might even work this into your sex play. Then, I’d suggest using a lubricant on her pubic area to cover her stubble. Commercial liquid lubes might not provide sufficient coverage, so you might try Crisco. You might also have intercourse in the rear-entry (doggie style) position. In that position, you don’t encounter her pubic hair much if at all.

    I hope this helps. I wish you great sex.

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