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I am 17 years old. I went to a urologist and diagnosed me with phimosis and recommended circumcision, which I want to avoid. My problem is that although I can stretch the foreskin in a calm state without pain, but during an erection I can only stretch it to half of the glans, even with pain.

Please, could you write me all the possible ways to get rid of phimosis so that I can stretch my foreskin painlessly during an erection. I have heard that, especially in the Scandinavian countries, very effective corticoid ointments are used, which work in 90% of cases. I will be happy for any advice, internet link, recommendations for ointment.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’m sorry that you have phimosis, but it is treatable—with steroid creams and surgery.

    Since you’d like to avoid surgery, start with steroid creams. They have a good chance of helping because you can retract your foreskin when flaccid which means your case is not severe. I’m not sure about the availability of steroid creams in the Slovack Republic, but in the U.S., they can be obtained both without and with a prescription. Prescription brands are stronger.

    If the creams don’t provide sufficient relief after a few months of committed treatment, then you might consider surgery. There may be no need for complete circumcision. In some men, a small slit in the foreskin is all that’s necessary to allow retraction when erect. If the surgeon slits the underside of your foreskin, you still look intact but no longer have phimosis.

    For more, visit this link.

    I hope this helps.

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