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We are in our early 60’s and have sex daily.  She can come from intercourse and anal. I have lots of questions about BV that MD’s don’t seem to be able to answer. My partner and I have done swinging for the past 10 years. She has on-again, off-again BV. For the past 2 years, we have almost eliminated play. If we do it, we use gloves, condoms, etc.(With other partners, we always use condoms for vag intercourse, but not for oral.) One question: If a man or woman has intercourse with another partner using a condom, for how long is the woman’s vaginal bacteria balance upset? She is post-breast cancer, so we’ve been told she cannot use vagifem to treat her BV.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    BV is common in sexually active women. It’s very rare in celibate women. That suggests it’s sexually transmitted. But it’s not clear how.

    Risk factors include frequent sex, multiple partners, and douching. You say you have sex daily and swing. Those might be factors. You say she has on-off BV. That’s potentially consistent with your daily sex, your swinging, and any douching. Does she douche? If so, she should stop immediately. That might help.

    BV is caused by an imbalance of vaginal flora. Some bacteria that normally live in the healthy vagina get killed, which allows other bacteria to overgrow, causing infection. BV can be treated in two ways. Antibiotics that kill pretty much all the bacteria there, allowing new bacteria to grow in the right mix. And taking probiotic bacteria that help restore the natural balance.

    If you consult most physicians, they’re likely to tell you to do it less with fewer people. That might help. But if you’d like to maintain daily sex and swinging, then I’d suggest a doctor who, compared with most, might be more sympathetic. I’m talking about a sexual medicine specialist, who may well be open to people with more sexually adventurous lifestyles. To find a sexual medicine specialist near you, visit the consumer site published by the North America Sexual Medicine Association.

    I wish you great BV-free sex.

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