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I just have a query regarding my erection. I got cut—circumcision— 3 years ago because of tight foreskin.

I can masturbate well but I noticed that I get my best erection only when I am in bed or sitting position. It is not that easy for me to get an erection while standing. Is it because I have a bit of back pain?

Also the head of my penis feels dry. I was not able to hold my erection the last time I tried having sex. I was not able to insert inside her vagina.

Also more than the missionary postition, I prefer sex putting it inside her vagina from the back.

I am not too sure my erection problem is because of circumcision which has created dryness on my penis or I am experiencing ED?

Also I masturbate every day. Is that another reason that maybe my penis is used to my hands for erection now?

Kindly help me.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Circumcision by itself has no effect on erection. You could raise erections before your circumcision, and you could raise them after and raise them now.

    You say you experience some pain while standing and wonder if that’s the reason you have trouble raising erections while standing. Yes. Pain can interfere with erection. That’s probably the reason.

    You say you enjoy rear entry intercourse more than missionary. Many men feel that way. You’re entitled to your personal preferences. There’s nothing wrong with yours.

    For dryness of the head of your penis, try a lubricant. Saliva, or vegetable oils, or commercial lubricants should help.

    Like you, many men masturbate daily. Many teens and men in their twenties can raise new erections shortly after masturbating to orgasm. But as men get older, it takes longer to raise new erections after coming. That’s NOT ED. It’s totally normal and natural. As far as your penis is concerned, there’s no real difference between your hand and a lover’s hand. Coach your lover how you enjoy being touched and if she does you like you do yourself, you should have no difficulty raising an erection from her fondling—unless you’ve masturbated shortly before she strokes you.

    I hope this helps.

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