Thinking about the nature of sexual satisfaction, based on my own experience–

Does sexual satisfaction have two separate components: Physical– and mental? The former, satisfied by orgasms, however obtained– the latter, only by closeness with one’s lover?

I might satisfy myself in the former sense through solitary masturbation, but remain frustrated– even though satisfied physically.

In the other, I might satisfy myself mentally, by touch and closeness with my lover– but not be satisfied physically.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Yes. I totally agree. One can feel physically satisfied but unconnected, e.g. drunken one-night stands, men who patronize sex workers. And one can feel deeply emotionally connected but physically frustrated, e.g. all the folks in long-term relationships troubled by significant desire differences. Having both physical satisfaction and emotional intimacy is a special gift, and not all that common.

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