Book cover - Sizzling Sex For Life - Maximize Erotic PleasureI’m pleased to offer 50 FREE, SIGNED, HARDCOVER COPIES of “the most practical, authoritative, comprehensive sex guide ever written.”

The quote comes from Eli Coleman, Ph.D., distinguished sexologist and chair of the Human Sexuality Program at the University of Minnesota.

It describes my recent book, Sizzling Sex for Life. The book has sold well enough to allow me to offer 50 FREE, SIGNED HARDBACK COPIES to the first 50 Great Sex Guidance visitors who click on OUR STORE and order the “Hardcover Version signed by Michael.” A $24.99 value.

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When you get to Checkout, the discount code 50FREE should be automatically applied. If not, enter it manually.

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Limit one per customer.

Sizzling Sex is a cradle-to-grave sex guide that covers all typical sexual issues at every stage of life. It’s exhaustively researched (2,500 studies), but an easy, enjoyable, witty, read.

For more about the book, visit SizzlingSexforLife. For three dozen rave endorsements by sex researchers and therapists and 111 consumer reviews (average 4.8 out of 5), see the book’s Amazon page.

Act Now. Those 50 FREE copies won’t last long….

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